How to Reopen Your Beauty Salon after Covid-19 Lockdown

How to Reopen Your Beauty Salon after Covid-19 Lockdown

The world came to a standstill soon after the outbreak of coronavirus. Nobody could anticipate the effect it would have on our day-to-day breaths. Within a short span, the pandemic had hit and triggered economic catastrophe in nearly every country. Businesses were not left behind. The governments had to prioritize the safety of their own people. Therefore, some measures had to be put in place to curb the spread of his pandemic. Some of these measures included business closure, travel restriction, social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks in public areas. But now, even though coronavirus is still with us, lockdown measures are gently easing across many countries. Businesses are on the verge of reopening to retrieve their source of revenue.

The lives of salon staff and their clients have changed a lot since the outbreak of this pandemic. But for them to head back to business, they have no choice but to adapt to the changes like maintaining social distance and allowing a limited number of staff and clients at once. Are you planning to reopen your beauty salon? Keep reading this article to learn some tips on how to do it after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Rent a Beauty Room

Even though the pandemic caused business closure, some stylists decided to offer services from home. But because things are getting back to normalcy, it’s time to start planning how to revive your business. If you are preparing to reopen your beauty salon, look for a working station that matches your budget. Where do you find one? The internet is regarded as the best source of information nowadays. Check out different beauty rooms from various places. It will be easy to find one that best suit your stylish space, reflect your skills, time, and expertise worth. What other things should you look for when renting a beauty salon?

Check whether it has enough space that can meet up social distancing measures. Make sure the beauty room is connected to utility services such as sewerage, power, and water.

Prioritize Protection

Before you reopen your beauty salon beauty rooms for rent, the first thing you should do is to prioritize the protection of your staff and clients. How will you achieve that? Put in place the essential safety materials. So, what should you stock up?

Face Coverings

Wearing a face mask is a government requirement. Even if face coverings like masks can stop the spread of droplets to other people, they can only be effective if shared with social distance measures. Visors also can be considered by those who would like to add extra security in their beauty salons. To add to that, you can put in place priority slots. Consider giving the elderly and vulnerable clients the first spots every day.

Enact Entry Measures

Coronavirus spreads very fast. Do you want to curb the spread? Then, let in a limited number of clients and staff in your salon at on one occasion. This helps in keeping up with social distance measures. However, it might be hard to implement this measure during the opening day because many clients might show up in your salon. How will you shun this massive wave of customers? Start by scheduling appointments. Also, ask your clients to wait outside until your stylist is all set. This may help you curb waiting room crowding. To create enough working space, you can also reduce fixtures in your salon that might prevent social distancing.

Welcome Back Clients

When the government closed salons, clients were forced to treat their hair on their own at home. Because now salons are about to reopen, they are desperate and craving for haircut and color treatment. Because of that reason, ensure you program appointments with extreme caution. Do you want to shun large volumes of phone calls? Create an online booking platform. This will let your clients compete for hair appointments suitably without your involvement.

Market Your Salon on Social Media

Online marketing is being considered by almost every business these days. Are you looking forward to meeting new and old customers? Why should you be left behind? Even though you are not heading back to work almost immediately, engaging your clients online might be the best shot during this business closure period. Use your social media platforms to keep them informed about the new changes, protocols, working hours, and offerings you have put in place. Make this online program part of your business even after the government has lifted the restrictions.


Reopening your beauty salon might be exciting, but on the other hand, it might be a concern for your safety. The tips I have shared above can help you plan how to head back to work smoothly after lockdown. Please do not also forget to check your local regulations because the government might add other rules for running the business.


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