Restoring Your Home After a Fire: What You Need to Know

Restoring Your Home After a Fire: What You Need to Know

Ensuring everyone is okay before minding the charred property is most important if your home is on fire. With a rise in home fires and damages, the real estate industry has adapted to using fire-resistant construction materials. However, accidents can still happen, so be prepared for uncertainties and find a fire restoration company in Seattle to assist you in your day of need. 

The harmful nature of fires can leave you overwhelmed as you look for solutions to deal with the repercussions. Although restoration after a fire is daunting, it’s doable if you work with a restoration company that understands your situation.

Steps to Restoring Your Home After a Fire

Recovering your home after a fire isn’t easy, but you’ll get it done with time. Ensure you engage professionals to work with you through this demanding and often emotionally draining home restoration process. 

Here are the steps to follow.

Apply for a Fire Insurance Claim 

Call your insurance company to set a rebuilding process in motion if your house catches fire and leaves damages. The insurance company will plan an inspection to determine the extent of the destruction and how to process the claim. Here are some pointers to discuss with the insurance agent:

  • Ask for a referral to a professional fire restoration contractor.
  • Find out when the insurance company will repay the claim.
  • Provide a list of damages to the house.

Assess the Damage in Your Home

Once you contact a fire restoration company, assess the extent of damage, let the professionals do the same, and indicate the amount of work ahead. A structural engineer will evaluate the structure for cracks in columns, walls, basement, attic joists, roof, and other house parts. Ask them how much work will be done and contact other professionals like electricians and plumbers. 

If your engineer underlines the house as uninhabitable, cover the house, especially any holes, damaged windows, or doors. If the roof is badly charred, tarp off open spaces to prevent further damage with guidance from your engineer. Contact a cleaning company specializing in removing soot after a fire if you can’t do everything alone. 

Remove Water 

Move everything wet, like rugs, furniture, clothes, or drywall. Anything that holds water faces the risk of more damage if kept moist for long. They become a breeding ground for mold. 

If the basement has stagnant water, get a sump pump to remove it. Consider getting fans and dehumidifiers to help circulate air, dry the structure, and replace the filters in your HVAC system.


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Begin Repairing the Structure

Restoring the fire damage in the structure is a job for engineers. A professional engineer will replace damaged attic joists, columns, beams, columns, and any other structural components that need repair or replacement. 

Repair the Electrical System 

Depending on the fire’s intensity, you must inspect the electrical system and repair any damaged parts. Ensure that you employ the services of a professional electrician to examine and do the rehabilitation. Most fire-damaged houses need the replacement of electrical equipment from a power circuit breaker box, fixtures, and wiring. An electrical system is sensitive and can cause much damage if mismanaged.

Check for Fire-Related Damages

A professional home restoration company knows where to check for fire damages in a burned house. Such companies have much experience dealing with problems surrounding fire-damaged houses, and they address issues like;

  • Smoke and soot stains.
  • Contaminated air passages
  • Drying of the house to prevent mold and mildew growth.

How to Remove Smoke Odor

When firefighters are putting off a fire, they install massive fans that clear smoke and associated odor from the burned house. Getting the smoke off the structure might take a while, but it will eventually die off. Remove all charred goods and fixtures and take any salvageable rugs to a cleaner. 


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Clean and Restore Room by Room 

A fire can destabilize you longer than you would like, and returning to normalcy is often challenging. It’s fundamental to keep calm during this physically challenging process and take one day at a time when rebuilding. Seeking professional help to restore your house after a fire is essential as it will lift most of the burden from your shoulders. 

Once engineers are done repairing the structure and electricians have successfully fixed electrical wiring, cleaners should come in to help clean and restore each room. If you decide to clean the rooms yourself, wear protective equipment from head to toe and use the right tools. Mixing liquid dishwashing detergent, vinegar, water, and a cup of borax will clean the soot-covered surfaces.

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