What Is The Role Of a Quality Domiciliary Care Worker

What Is The Role Of a Quality Domiciliary Care Worker

Ask the experts about an out of box career field today; they will say, ‘health and social care industry.’ And, domiciliary care is undoubtedly, one of the most promising and rewarding job roles in the healthcare sector. 

Unfortunately, there are many vulnerable people in all communities. Some are physically challenged and can’t live on their own, while others are disowned by their family. There are many elderly with special needs who can’t do alone and are dependent on someone to survive. Or, they have a progressive and incurable illness. A domiciliary care worker plays a significant role in caring people and supporting them to live a better life.

Domiciliary care provides a great companionship to the people. As a domicile care worker, you become an essential part of the life of the person you are taking care of. Meeting a companion, seeing a familiar face every day makes them feel safe and comfortable. Moreover, it brings a feeling of friendship. 

Not only you provide them with physical aspects of care, but you also offer encouragement, support, confidence, and reassurance. In turn, it brings a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel grateful for whatever you have in life. Do you want to know what more is included in this job role? Keep reading!

Who Needs Domicile Care?

Any person at any phase of life may require domicile care, including the ones with physical disabilities, mental weaknesses, learning disabilities, etc. It is for anyone who is must stay home while receiving the treatment. However, the elderly people in the care homes need it the most.

A domiciliary care worker requires fulfilling the standards to make sure that the person receives high-quality care. According to these standards, different individuals have different needs, so they require a tailored care service.

What Does Domiciliary Care Work Involve?

The job of a domiciliary care worker is much like a health care assistant. Thus, both the job titles can be interchanged depending upon the individual job requirements. Have a look at what is involved in a domiciliary care worker’s job-

  • Since the person you are helping depends on you for daily tasks, you are a crucial part of their routine. 
  • You have to visit the person’s home daily to provide him/her with personal care and help in household tasks.
  • Sometimes, you may need to take your client to the doctor.
  • Depending upon the person’s needs, you may need to offer a full range of services, such as washing, dressing, or helping with toileting. Some of them may also need your help with cooking and cleaning.
  • Some care workers also work during the night and provide round the clock care and assistance to the needy.
  • Unless you are from a nursing background or have a certification, you won’t administer medications.

If you love to work in different, challenging situations, domiciliary care work is a perfect job role for you. On one day, you are assisting a patient with Dementia, whereas, on a different day, you help the elderly with their daily activities.

However, you should have a genuine interest in helping people to be a domiciliary care worker. Irrespective of the potential problems you might face while assisting them, you need to be patient enough to work.

Your prime job role is to help them live an independent life and encourage their well-being. For this, you must undergo mandatory training for care home staffand have a diploma in health and social care. You can switch to other healthcare job roles anytime.

How Can You Progress As A Domiciliary Care Worker?

A domiciliary care worker job can be a stepping stone to a long-term career in the health and social care industry. While working, you get an opportunity to gain QCF diploma certification. Some employers arrange mandatory training for their staff. This qualification opens the door to becoming a Domiciliary Care Manager.

A domiciliary care manager schedules the clients’ appointments, manages the team of carers and ensures that the standards of care are maintained properly. The team consists of deputy manager, healthcare assistants, staff nurses, and domiciliary workers.

In a nutshell, if you want to dedicate your career towards helping others, domiciliary care is a good choice!


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