4 Easy Steps on How To Split Your PDF Files

PDF means “portable document format.” Naturally, this format is used to save files that are unable to be modified but need to be easily printed and shared. Right now, almost everybody has a program on their computer or even an Adobe Reader that can scan a PDF file.

PDFs are commonly used to give out read-only documents that protect the design of a page. They’re generally utilized for documents like eBooks, scanned documents, application forms, and even user manuals.

Although not all, few are not familiar with a split PDF file. To make it short and straightforward, a split in PDF is when we divide a single PDF file into smaller documents. Some people split their PDF as they only need to share a portion of their PDF document. In this article, you’ll get to learn how to split your PDF file using the PDFBear.

Choose Your File

PDFBear can be your go-to tool whenever you need to perform a pdf split. They have come up with features and updates that are ideal for their users. Using the drag-and-drag option, PDFBear has never been as easy to choose a file as precise and fast. Choosing your desired file is convenient, as this tool allows you to utilize its primary mechanism. If you want to make sure you also have the option to select your document using the “select” button.

Select The Page

Once you have chosen the PDF file that you decide to work with, splitting them should only take a few moments. Choose and select the pages that you need to split from the original file through clicking the desired pages. There’s nothing to worry about as the software has a straightforward interface if a non-tech savvy person decides to use this platform.

Refine And Export

The time required for splitting your PDF files is short. Rest assured, PDFBear will save your time and energy once you have selected the PDF pages you want to work with. PDFBear can change over documents faster than you’d think yet still stands out to perform an excellent performance. Once you have successfully chosen the needed pages, the refining of the pages will begin shortly and will be ready for export as a single PDF.

Start Downloading

PDFBear is useful on all requirements of PDF formats or any other files. The services this tool offers depending on the demand of the user. You may click on the “download” button once the export of your document is finished, and it will immediately save your file to your desired storage.

Users may also want to note that they are allowed to share their new PDF document to other storages aside from their Dropbox or Google Drive. PDFBear is a natural and quick online conversion tool that can adjust your document’s file size, send only the needed pages, and even alter your documents.


PDFBear created its framework with the objective that it would become a tool that is easy to utilize. When it comes to software like this, people who are not knowledgeable enough can still make changes to their documents by basically following the instructions that are safe and quick. PDFBear will fill in as you wish as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

With this conversion tool, you are required to follow the buttons to have the option to save your finished file on your hard drive or any chosen storage. PDFBear guarantees that your documents are secure as they are using an SSL encryption feature so your data won’t be accessed and shared with other individuals.

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