Safety Tips for Using Electric Jack Hammer

Safety Tips for Using Electric Jack Hammer

The hammers are very useful, their utility is immeasurable, as all that is, and not used properly can cause accidents. In this post we will see safety tips to follow when working with an electric jack hammers.

The hammer is a widely known tool, not only for workers, but for all people in general. Its function is to strike objects, which can have various sizes, according to the object to be struck. But no matter how big they are, they all have the same shape.

Its use, as stated above, is wide ranging from the Right to Medicine, from carpentry to heavy industry, from sculpture to rubber, etc.

Although well known, it is one of the tools that cause the most accidents at work, mainly affecting the hands of workers. But why does this happen if this tool is so commonly used and known for the same reason. Because everyone believes they know how to use the electric jack hammer, it becomes a security threat.

You will probably be surprised at how many actions can be taken to prevent equipment accidents. The majority of accidents with hammers are happen causing injury to finger injuries and eyes. No matter how good and professional the person is, carelessness is enough and there is the accident causing material and personal injury.

Prevention actions are very important, and now we’ll look at some of them here:

Check cable condition

A cracked or cracked cable carries a risk that could easily be avoided. Do not use a hammer if metal head is loose.

Do not use hammers with damaged head

If the hammer head is damaged in any way, consider changing tools. A hammer with a damaged head provides a lame hammer and this is an invitation to the accident.

Keep the body balanced

Especially on scaffolding or working at heights, keep your balance to hit the hammers. If the location does not provide good balance it is time to somehow create a balance point.

Do not use nails with a damaged head

Nails with a damaged head may sneeze away when trying to hammer them, imagine such a nail is projected towards the eye.

When using a hammer with a glove, prefer the ones that give you the most tact. This is important to prevent the hammer from slipping from your hand and being thrown against someone or something important.

Do not uses hammer grips as levers because they were not designed for that? Do not forces hammer grips beyond capacity?

Many workers are eventually removed from work because of various hand fractures due to misuse of the hammer. There are also cases in which the worker, when hammering, is hit by fragments in the eyes, because he is not complying with the appropriate protective measures.

Therefore, it is essential that the worker has the minimum attention and awareness when using this electric jack hammer tool. It should therefore:

  • Check cable condition for cracks or other defects;
  • Make sure the cable is attached to the metal frame;
  • Use the correct jack hammer for the activity performed, as using the wrong hammer can damage the material or cause injury;
  • To prevent fragments from eventually reaching the eyes, always wear safety glasses;
  • Hold it firmly near the end (end) of the cable;
  • Whenever hammering, make sure that the hammer face (on the head) is parallel to the surface to be hammered. This avoids damage to the hammer head and reduces the chance of it escaping from your hand or damaging the work surface;
  • To get a firm and accurate hammering, just raise your arm at the height necessary to achieve the correct shape, for example:
  • To hammer hard, raise your arm well back and sequentially move it forward quickly and firmly.

When a person repeatedly performs an activity for a long time, it does not mean that he knows that better than anyone. It just means that she is used to repeating that movement every day. Therefore, do not think that you are safe to perform an activity because you have done it many times. This is usually the type of person who is most accidental, for not giving the proper attention that the activity deserves.

And it’s no use saying you don’t know the limit or capacity of your hammer. Knowing a hammer’s ability during use depends only on attention and common sense. Wear glasses whenever necessary. Depending on the type of wood (harder or softer) it is necessary to wear colorless goggles.

You should look these things when you using an electric jack hammer:

  • To transport you during the workday use equipment designed for this.
  • Use the right hammer for the job you are doing
  • Keep hammer in place when not in use
  • Clutter is an invitation to accident.
  • At home store the hammer in a safe place
  • Children like to play with a hammer and this creates a kind of risk that can be easily avoided.

Following these tips is sure to do a job much more safely.


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