4 Safety Tips For Working on Aerial Lift

Safety Tips For Working on Aerial Lift

Are you deciding your career as an aerial lift operator? Well, to become a professional operator, training and certification are vital as per OSHA guidelines. Are you wondering what the requirement of certification is? You might not be aware of the dangers associated with the aerial lift.

The aerial Lift operator needs to take extra care while operating the machine. A little carelessness can result in serious injuries or even the death of the person. Fall, electrocution, collapse, and tip over are some of the causes of deaths linked with aerial lift.  

So, to run it safely, you need to take specific safety measures. In this post, we will guide with the top safety tips that will help you operate aerial lift safely.

Training and Certification   

Most of the accidents related to aerial lift are due to the error of the operator. But if the operator is trained and certified, it reduces the chances of accidents due to operators. When a person undergoes training, they understand all the security guidelines and proper training to operate the aerial lift.

As per OSHA, your training should be linked with the type of aerial lift that you will be operating. After proper training, based on your performance, CertifyMeOnline certifies you to run the aerial lift professionally.  

You will learn proper operation, repair, inspection, and maintenance of the aerial lift that you will operate.  

Fall Protection Harness

While working on an aerial lift, it is vital to wear fall protection harness for ensuring full security. Full body harness protects you from falling. It protects from minor accidents to loss of life.

Aerial lift at times gets stuck into another object; a body harness ensures protection at that time. Along with the harness ensure you wear safety glasses, hard hat, and steel-toe boots to minimize injuries. It is also advisable not to wear loose clothes, as they can get stuck in any part of the machine.

By taking all these protections, you will reduce casualties and injuries.

Review Vehicle before Every Operation

Whenever you begin to operate the aerial lift, it is necessary to do a thorough inspection of each part of the vehicle. You can proceed by checking engine oil, hydraulic oil, lubrication of all components that move, battery, wheels, lights, alarms, etc.

Check the lift with all its systems like air, electrical, hydraulic system, emergency control, etc. Ensure all these are functioning correctly.

While inspecting the aerial lift if you witness any malfunction or missing parts, it should be highlighted to your manager to get it sorted. Before you load any person or supplies on the lift, inspect it again, not to leave any loopholes.

Inspect the surroundings    

Before taking the machine to the job site, it is necessary to inspect the site for having a safer working environment. It is equally important as the inspection of the machine.

If you are working outdoors look for overhead power lines as these can be hazardous. Always maintain a proper distance with these wires. Take appropriate safety for any sloppy areas, holes, debris or any obstruction

While working indoor observe the ceiling, floor, or any unstable surfaces. Along with inspecting before the start of the job, it is crucial to take proper precautions while the task is being completed.

For an added security, if possible, make efforts to keep the area free from any passerby’s or other workers.  While lifting the weight, read proper guidelines to stop loading any overweight object because it can risk the life of the full team.

Follow all these safety tips to operate aerial lift safely.


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