Choosing The Right Gate Access Control And Security Systems For Your Properties

Choosing The Right Gate Access Control And Security Systems For Your Properties

Gate access control system has become a popular security installation for multi-tenant buildings and commercial properties. The security installation is often powered by Clear Link Systems or an intercom system that allows residents to give access to their visitors. This solution allows residents to turn down uninvited guests effectively while maintaining a strict security protocol.

If you’re interested in this level of security for your property, you must know the right gate access control for your property. This article goes over every important detail you should know before choosing this security solution, as well as the perfect one for your property.

Gate Access Control Systems

Gate access-controlled systems are perfect for commercial and gated properties. They help inhabitants or property users control the people entering and exiting their property. It also helps increase security by denying unauthorized people access to the property.

This security measure comes with a special control system that triggers access or denial. The access control system can be installed at the entrance, dictating entry and exit for pedestrians and cars.

There are various types of access control systems based on needs and preferences. Some of the common types are;

  • Wired gate access control systems
  • Wireless gate access control systems

As the name implies, wired gate access control systems are wired and controlled by openers, while the wireless variants are controlled by remotes or other wireless technologies.

Wired Vs. Wireless Gate Access Control Systems

Choosing between the wired and wireless gate access control systems depends on budget, preferences, and choice. Both options have their pros and cons, however, most people believe the wireless variant to be simpler and cheaper.

The wireless option is often cheaper because gate access control systems are often several hundreds of meters away from the properties. Installing the wired variant will require additional wiring to connect the gate to the control switch. On the other hand, the wireless system doesn’t require this additional cost.

Types Of Gate Control Systems 

There are six popular types of gate access control systems, they include;

Gate Intercom Systems

This is the commonest choice for gated communities with strict security setups. The gate intercom allows the tenant or visitor to buzz themselves into the property by stating their name and apartment. Please note that entry may be wireless or manual, depending on the setup. However, the intercom allows for identity verification before entry.

There are different types of gate intercom systems, depending on preference. Some are available with cameras, while some are strictly voice-enabled. Some other systems have a large display screen allowing tenants to video call their guests from the gate.

Depending on the security setup, this system may take pictures of every entry and exit from the property for security reasons.

Telephone Entry Systems

Similar to the intercom system, the telephone entry system allows the tenants to remotely open gates for authorized personnel entry. Unlike the intercom system, this setup is often not as safe because;

  • Tenant entry can often be via PINs used on the smartphone entry system
  • Not every gate entry system supports cellphone activation
  • This security system doesn’t have a camera, so tenants don’t see who’s requesting access
  • Telephone entry system cannot be remotely updated.

Rfid Gate Access Control Systems

This gate access system uses a special built-in scanner to read data stored in devices via radio waves. Each eligible tenant is offered a registered keycard that can be swiped across the scanner for entry and exit.

As much as it is an effective solution, tenants may find themselves locked out if they lose or damage their cards.


The keypad gate access control is one of the oldest options available for security reasons. This system involves setting a unique PIN which is shared among authorized tenants or persons. Each user can simply enter the PIN to secure access to the property.

Keypads can help commercial and multi-tenant properties save money on keycards, however, there’s a chance that such PINs may be compromised through oversharing. Tenants can also forget their PIN in instances where it is changed periodically.

Vehicle Detection Systems

Vehicle detection systems are common in commercial parking lots and multi-tenant properties. It ensures that only authorized vehicles are allowed access to the property. This is achieved using a proximity card placed inside the vehicle or through Automatic Plate Number Recognition (ANPR) technology.

Cell Phone Gate Access Systems

This can help save a lot of money on keys and keycards. Tenants or authorized personnel can use their cell phones to unlock the gate, often through Bluetooth technology.

While the entry and exit are often seamless, the major downside is that the user’s phone must be close to the gate to open or lock it. With this limitation, tenants may be unable to grant access to loved ones when they’re not around.

Consider the pros and cons of each option discussed above to choose the best gate access control for your property.

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