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choose wooden windows for your home

The glass unit ceases to perform its functions after certain time. In this case, you need to choose the right type of glazing, either sash window double glazing or single layer option. To find the right glass, pay attention to lots of factors. The problem is especially acute if you have sash windows.

Wooden items provide a sufficient level of heat retention and sound insulation in a home when double glazing existing sash windows are installed. But does this mean that single glass is not as functional? Find answers to these questions below.

Single glazing in Timber Windows

Single glazing is the most popular for sash windows. The cost of replacing such glass is much lower than installing sash window double glazing. There are several options for this type of glazing:

  1. For windows in buildings of architectural value. In such cases, glass thickness reaches 3 mm. They are usually installed in houses where it is prohibited to replace glass units with new ones.
  2. 4 mm float glass. Very lightweight, so the sashes are easy to open and close. The level of insulation is sufficient, and if there is a draft protection system, your apartment will become warmer. The level of security in the house will increase; if the glass is broken, there will be sharp pieces, and it will be impossible to climb through the window.
  3. Tinted glass. Suitable for homes or companies located on lower floors.  Searching for window tinting near me to add a reputable tint to your windows allows you to hide what is happening inside a room from prying eyes. The glass can be patterned or textured
  4. Tempered glass is created to enhance the security of your home. The product costs a little more, but it is resistant to physical impact.

Regardless of the type of glazing you choose, pay attention to the thermal conductivity coefficient. If it is low, the rate of heat loss will decrease, and your home will be much warmer. 

Double Glazing in Timber Windows

When changing a glass unit to a sash option with double glazing, sash windows draft proofing is important. Its cost is not too high. Plus, you will be able to select different glazing options.

One of the most popular units is the one with 4-16-4 mm parameters. When replacing sashes, the thickness of a new block is limited only by the size of the sash. Existing boxes remain in place. The thickness of the glass is determined by the requirements for the glass unit. There are many types of it, for example, multilayered, patterned, and others. You can also choose the gas that will fill the cavity between the glass layers. With the right combination, it will be easy to achieve the maximum level of thermal insulation thanks to the new double glazing for sash windows.

To increase the thermal insulation coefficient, it is better to use xenon. The cost of such double-glazed unit will increase. When using krypton gas, the size of the cavity should be increased to 6 mm. This will improve thermal insulation performance.

When installing new wooden double glazing sash windows in buildings of historical value, there may be some problems. You can choose thin double-glazed windows that will not affect the facade of the house.

To Sum Up

For better heat and sound insulation, you can try sash windows triple glazing. Such glass is often used to renovate glass units of houses. The cavity between the three glass layers is filled with an inert gas. The cost of windows is increasing, but this is quite justified.

To choose a cheaper option for improving window characteristics, it’s okay to use double glazing. Cool air won’t get inside, and the electricity bills will gradually decrease.


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