Should Students Be Able to Grade Their Teachers?

Should Students Be Able to Grade Their Teachers

Teachers overburden mostly kids while it goes unnoticed. If your kid is done with studying too much, then buy him one of the Spectrum TV packages.

Kids are the future of any nation and so, their education should be perfect in order to ensure that they are the future leaders. Finding the perfect school that has extra-curricular activities along with properly managed course outline is one of the most difficult tasks parents do. No doubt, education is important for kids but so is the enjoyment in free time. Kids of this era like to watch different seasons and cartoons on TV. Charter Spectrum TV are the best TV bundles for the whole family as they provide full freedom for each member of the family to watch channels they love the most.

teacher and student

Schools try their best in order to live up to the expectations of the parents. The management of the school makes sure that every new incoming teacher is professional and smart to come up with different ways to teach kids the course. For the existing teachers, schools keep an eye on the results of the whole section in order to judge the ability of the teacher. Moreover, the administration of the school observes the way teacher behaves in the class and teaches the students. Many people have started to present the idea to include students in the process of assessing the teacher. Some schools have even started to implement this idea.

Here is why this idea is getting so much support from all around the world.

1) Inside the Class

teacher with student

The administration of the schools judges the ability of the teachers either by the grades of the students of that teacher or by the mere observation of teacher for a few minutes in a year. This does not ensure the ability of the teacher by any means. The grades of the students don’t depend solely on the teacher but also on the effort of the student, and so measuring the ability of teacher in terms of grades of students is not fair at all. Moreover, being aware of the fact that someone is observing teachers, teachers can show their best attitude and return to their old self once the observer leaves.

Whereas, students can tell the administration better about the regular behavior of the teacher inside the class. Moreover, students can also evaluate the teaching skills of the teacher better than anyone else out of the class can.

2) The Real Issue

The administration or any other observer can judge the issue about the teacher at times. However, mostly the issues kids are having from the teacher are not visible to anyone else. Teaching kids to fill the survey form honestly can give you different insights about the teacher. The result of the survey can clearly tell you which skill of the teacher needs more polishing either it is behavior, conveying of ideas, making teaching interactive or handling queries.


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 The schools who have implemented this idea in their schools are quite happy with the results they have received. The results have helped the administration to make their teachers better and their students more satisfied.

3) Don’t Be Stagnant

Don’t Be Stagnant

The goal of grading the kids is to bring out the best in them by pointing at the areas where they need to improve. Being human beings there is much room for teachers to better themselves as well. The goal of the teacher assessment should be to provide insights to them on making themselves a better and more successful version of themselves. As students are at the direct receiving ends of the services of teachers so, they can guide teachers better about the things they should work on.

Instead of taking the idea of students grading the teachers as a negative point, we should look at the upsides of the idea. The better the teachers would be, the more intelligent and successful the students would be.

4) Student’s Basic Right

Student’s Basic Right

The world we live in follows the rule of freedom of speech then why should we snatch this basic right from students? Students should be free to express their views about the teachers, not at their back but in the proper forms circulated by the administration of the school. At times kids are overburdened with the work of one course that they don’t get time for other courses or for extra-curricular activities and hence, their grades fall in other courses. This is something that is unknown to the administration. If your kid needs a break from hectic study schedule, get him cable TV from Spectrum Internet Only.

Kids should be asked to assess the teachers on different levels and qualities so, the administration can know the story of the kid’s side. This would not only give students a chance to present their views about their teacher but will also help the administration to tell teachers to better themselves.

Majority of students, parents, and teachers are showing their favor for this idea on the internet.


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