7 Smart Ways to put up Birthday Decorations

7 Smart Ways to put up Birthday Decorations

We can certainly imagine balloons, cakes, lots of people and too much fun when we think of a birthday party. An opportunity to celebrate with our friends and loved ones is a birthday party. Birthday themes and decorations appear to play a huge part in every birthday party these days. In reality, for the little ones, party planners and decorators are coming up with fantastic birthday decoration ideas. Of all, balloon decoration is the one concept that never seems to go out of fashion. To throw a perfect birthday party, you can do a simple birthday decoration at home using balloons!

In addition to balloon decorations, several other birthday party decoration items are available alongside balloon decorations in Mumbai, such as confetti, ribbons, laces, danglers, and birthday poppers can be used to make it a fun party.

Party highlighters are balloons! In balloon bursting events, they not only brighten up birthday parties but also put the party together. Themes for balloon birthdays have always been fun and simple. A perfect alternative for every birthday party is bright and colorful balloons. Read on to find about some super simple birthday decoration ideas using balloons.

Garland of Balloons

This is the most frequently used concept for decorating a birthday party using balloons at home. All you need is to take a thread from one end to another and string it along with the inflated balloons. This will offer the look of a garland that can be used from end to end to tie across space. A single or a double shade can be the hue. Even different color balloons can have a lasting effect.

Materials: balloons of various shades, thread to bind the inflated balloons

Arch of the Balloon

The inflated balloons are strewn along with each other to create the form of an arch. You may use this balloon arch to decorate the party venue’s entrance. A spotlight will build a great impact over this arch. As per the theme, the color can be selected.

Materials required: balloons and threads of medium and large sizes.

Balloons packed with candy and treats

This is the most common way for a birthday decoration to use balloons. When there are many children present at the party, this is the most fitting. You can take a large balloon and fill it with candies that are flavored.  It needs to be inflated after this and positioned right on the top of the table where the cake will be cut. You can burst the balloon with the aid of a needle. After the birthday, kids can burst the balloons to get the candies. This is a fun-filled exercise that children love the most.

Materials required: your choice of large-sized balloons and candies.

Balloons wall

This is an inventive and very spectacular way of using balloons for decorating a party. As per your choice, you can select a single shade or a double shade.

Materials Required: balloons, double-sided tape.

Balloons tied for gift returns

When you have a group of children among the invitees, this is most useful. On the return gift box or hamper, you can attach one balloon and hold it in the corner. This will keep the kids curious and waiting in the hall during the whole party.

Materials Required: gifts to return, balloons, thread.

Balloons with glow sticks

This idea of decoration is ideal when the lighting is dark or dim. The glow sticks that are then inflated with gas can be inserted inside the balloons. These balloons flow upwards and reach the room’s ceiling, producing a surreal effect of light.

With a long string, these balloons may also be fastened upside down to the ceiling. This gives the illusion of a canopy of starlight.

Materials required: glow sticks, balloons, string, double-sided tapes, colorful ribbons (easily available on the market).

Balloons And Rose Petal

The polka dot and heart-shaped balloons are romantic and can be used on special days for artistic and spatial decoration. The rose petals provide a perfect finish for the decoration, thereby helping to create romantic memories.

These are only a few simple ways to get your birthday parties to be the talk of the town! All your guests will adore these creative means of bringing a bang to your occasion. You can easily find many different types of balloon decorations in Mumbai, and contact a professional to set the venue for you to have a perfect birthday party!


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