How to Start an Acting Career Without Moving to Hollywood

How to Start an Acting Career Without Moving to Hollywood

If you have always wanted to be an actor, you may have thought that your only option to really build a career would be to move to Los Angeles. LA is the home of the major studios and where many actors move to get their careers off the ground and get discovered. 

But what if you don’t want to make the big move to California? Perhaps you want to stay near family, or you aren’t interested in the big budget Hollywood scene. How can you fulfill your acting dreams without uprooting everything to move to LA? Here are some tips on beginning your acting career without the move to Hollywood:

Start Super Small

If you are very new to acting, and haven’t even had any local parts in plays yet, you will want to start your acting career very small. You may even begin your career in non-acting roles, like serving as an usher at a theater or volunteering your other skills to theater companies.

If you do want to jump right into acting, you may find yourself beginning in ensemble roles. Being a part of an ensemble will give you a chance to explore the acting world without the stress of a large part and many lines to learn. 

Audition for Larger Roles

If you have already got some acting credits under your belt, or if you have slowly worked up from ensemble roles, you may be ready to audition for larger roles at your local theater. Focusing on your local theaters will allow you to bypass the difficult move to Hollywood.

If you are willing to do some minor traveling, you might consider auditioning for roles in your closest large city. For example, actors from Philadelphia may actually be from the surrounding suburbs or even further out. The majority of large cities have thriving theater scenes, which will give any actor the spotlight they are craving. However, if you are striving for something other than theater, consider the next option.

Think Outside of the Box

Obviously if you want to be in big budget major motion pictures, you will probably have to move to Hollywood eventually. However, with advances in technology, there are other options out there today. Independent films are becoming huge, and you can check out social media for local auditions, or do some research into auditions in the closest large city.

There are also many options online for acting. You can create your own YouTube channel and produce your own show. You can even do short clips to feature on social media. There may even be other options emerging in the coming years for actors.

If you are interested in theater acting, there are certainly options available in small towns and large cities across the country. If you are interested in acting for film, you will need to do a little more research to audition for independent filmmakers. If you just love acting for the sake of acting, consider the options that technology provides.


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