Start Your Solo Trip With Xoxo Tours. Make International Friends!

Start Your Solo Trip With Xoxo Tours. Make International Friends!

You must have been exploring the world around yourself as well as other countries with your family and friends. But when you are planning your first international solo trip little fear of worst scenarios will obviously intrude your mind and affect your excitement. This article will help you to start planning your solo international trip. First and foremost, you must very well know the reason why you want to travel solo to the place which you are yet to explore.

A good way to get on with your international solo trip is to have a travel companion by your side that is as passionate about travelling as you are. So register now on like Xoxo Tours that is specifically for solo travelers, like you. Xoxo Tours is a social travel dating platform that connects you with guys and girls who have similar interests like you and who will travel with you as your travel companions. So here are the helpful tips that you should know before you begin with your solo trip.


Helpful Tips for Your Solo Travel


  • Packing – It is always advised to travel light; however you may carry things that may be essential to you while travelling. Just take into consideration that you should be able to carry your own luggage and the luggage limits of the flights or other means of transport.
  • Safety – Although you may get a feeling of liberation on your solo trip, but being on your own in an unknown place is actually a mixture of feelings. You may feel anxious and lonely at times. Therefore, having travel buddy who is local will not be an added safety but also help you to explore the place and get acquainted with local people, thus making international friends.
  • Money – Instead of carrying cash, sign up for a travel cards that don’t charge an international transaction fee. However, have enough cash in hand just in case. You must also inform your bank about your international travel plans, because most of the times banks block your card if they detect any suspicious transactions from other countries.
  • Snagging Best Flight Deals – To get the best deal on the flight tickets you should use websites like Sky scanner, Kayak etc. Additionally download Hopper app on your phone, in this way you will be able to enter travel destinations and dates at which you will be travelling and get updates regarding decrease in the price.
  • Insurance – Even the most experienced travellers can get stuck into unexpected conditions like falling ill or losing a passport etc. and having insurance will really be handy in such scenarios. So make it a point to have a travel insurance as well as medical insurance for you.
  • Language – Learning few useful phrases of the language of the place you are visiting will help you a lot during your visit. Apps like Duo Lingo are quite helpful to acquire basic language skills.
  • Gadgets – You must have a lightweight power bank if you are heading for hiking or travelling to a place that has little access to electricity. Other than that, you will need a universal adapter that will fulfill all your needs concerned with electronics.

Yes, solo travel is something that each and every one of us must experience at least once in a lifetime. It brings excitement, adventure, fun and a whole lot of unique experiences in your life. And even more thrilling if you have a beautiful travel buddy by your side. While you are making a solo international trip you will come across people from different countries, languages, beliefs, cultures and traditions. This offers you a great opportunity to make international friends and to create beautiful memories that will be engraved onto your mind for a lifetime. However if you are one shy person who wants to have international friends but is unable to do so, we are here to help you out.


How to Make International Friends While Traveling


  • Staying In Hostel Dorms – Staying in a hostel dorm is the easiest way to make friends, hands down. It is but natural that people living together in a dorm room will fall into a conversation.
  • Hanging Out In Lounges – Whether you’re there for a crazy night out or just to hang out in the hotel lounges, where other travellers are either playing cards or just chilling with a pitcher of beer. If you want to make international friends then this is where you should hangout.
  • While In Transit –Whenever you are travelling for little longer duration of time, put in efforts to start the conversation with the passenger sitting next to you. A conversation that starts with just a Hi can bring you a long way.
  • Engage In Activities –Whether you like to indulge in adventure sports activities, swimming, hiking or something totally different, you will invariably end up getting to know some new people. While you indulge in activities that interest you, take this opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Use Couch Surfing –Couch surfing is the best possible way to get in touch with local singles, expats and fellow single travelers.
  • Find Communities – If you are a part of certain international community or a group then do a proper research to get in contact with local people who are also part of the small community or organization. This will give you common grounds to get acquainted and may be eventually make international friends.

So if you think that making a solo international trip in reality means traveling all alone then you are absolutely wrong. It is all about exploring a new travel destination with your travel mate and other fellow solo travelers. In all a total thrilling experience!


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