Unique Memorial Cremation Gifts To Consider

Unique Memorial Cremation Gifts To Consider

Knowing what to offer at a funeral is a question we don’t like having to ask. These moments are so delicate that many questions arise, like – Can I offer something other than flowers for a funeral? Is there a label to follow? How to express condolences? And so on.

To help you, here we offer some ideas of mourning gifts if you want to show your compassion to loved ones.

Soothing Reading

To comfort the loved ones of the deceased, we can offer them books that speak of death in another way. This will prevent them from being frozen in pain and accepting that their loved one is gone. But the choice of the book must be made to avoid offending the person. For pragmatic people, it is better to avoid books on reincarnations because they may find this absurd. If the person is of the Christian faith, readings written by men of the Church can be very comforting to them. The best is to adapt according to the label fixed by customs and society.

A Perennial Tree or Plant

Giving a tree or a plant that lasts over time can be a symbolic way of representing the presence of the deceased, the life that goes on. This custom is not widespread, but we like it.

During cremation in particular and when the urn is placed in a columbarium, there is only little room for flowers. The tree will find its place, close to the daily life of the family, often in a garden if the family has one.

By offering a tree, you offer a gift that is appreciated over the long term. By letting this tree grow over the seasons and over the years, you create a space for contemplation and memory. This plantation is part of an approach to pay tribute to a person by symbolizing peace, longevity, and well-being.

Tip: If the body of the deceased must be transported to a place distant from the ceremony, or even abroad, several florists suggest offering flower bulbs. So they can be planted later.

A Condolence Card With Words of Compassion

Whether it is a burial or a cremation, the word of condolence remains a simple gift appreciated. So, go for personalized prayer cards for funerals. Take time to write a personalized message, choose a sentence, a poem, and think carefully about the choice of each word is a strong gesture.

Even though they may seem obsolete in the digital age, they still have a significant impact. An SMS or email touches loved ones at the moment but is drowned in a flow of other messages which disappear over time. This is the reason why to choose a personalized funeral to thank you cards. They favored the eco-friendly (paper) medium to express your tributes in a more humble way.

A Funeral Monument

A funeral monument is a very respectable and respectful gift to the deceased and his family. It means that we give great importance to the person and that we want to express this in a separate building. This kind of present has the merit of being personal, but it also reconciles all the love that one has for the deceased. Nowadays, we can even mark the occasion by proposing very original funerary monuments. For this, we can use professional services. It would be a great tribute to the deceased and his family.

A Photo Album

After death, only the memories remain. And in order not to lose them, we can keep them in a photo album. It is the perfect gift to give during cremation. We can even bring to the family photos of the deceased that his loved ones have never seen to share his memory and create a bond in these difficult times. The photo album will bring together all the moments spent with the person, and we will remember all the joys we felt with him. It will be a way of bringing the missing person to life.

Death is always a difficult stage in life, and when it does, we try to overcome the pain as best we can. Gifts are one of those little things that bring peace. This is the reason why it is common to offer a gift to families saddened by the death of a loved one.


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