The Best Starters for Honda Civic Models

The Best Starters for Honda Civic Models

You count on your starter to deliver dependable performance with each turn of your ignition key. Symptoms such as inconsistent starting, grinding sounds and dim lighting signal potential starter failure. Before you’re permanently sidelined, you need to find a replacement. This guide details several starters ideal for Honda Civics plus a few top-rated models for other vehicles.

Find Your Correct Starter Models

Most aftermarket auto parts retailers offer fast and easy ways to help you find the right components for your vehicle. Make, model, year and submodel drop-down menus can be helpful, but some retailers even have VIN decoder tools to help you locate the proper parts for your exact vehicle specs. You can find your VIN on the dash right where the bottom of your windshield meets the back of your hood on the driver’s side. Alternatively, it may be located on the post of the driver’s side door. You can also check your insurance cards for your VIN.

Top-Rated Starters for Honda Civics

Many high-quality starters are available for Honda Civic vehicles. The Duralast Gold Series includes several models such as the DLG19470, a 12-volt starter with a 1.2-kilowatt power rating. The DLG19470 is built with completely new components and tested at three levels: individual parts, sub-assemblies and the final assembled product.

Other Honda Civic starters include the Duralast Gold DLG19298 and the DLG17755, plus the 16813N. These part numbers indicate starters that fit specific Honda Civic model years, so you’ll need to review each one’s specs before you buy. With helpful tools like the VIN lookup and make/model/year/submodel menus on your auto parts retailer’s website, you should be able to easily locate the appropriate replacement. 

Duralast Gold Starter DLG3410S

The Duralast Gold series features high-quality starters for hundreds of vehicle makes and models, including large trucks like the Dodge RAM 1500. As with the Honda Civic models, your new Dodge RAM 1500 starter provides reliable performance and fitment that meet or exceed OEM specs. Like others in the series, the DLG3410S is manufactured 100% new with proprietary components and triple-tested to ensure reliability. 

Duralast Starter 17870

Duralast starters for other Honda models include the 17870, designed for Accord and Element vehicles made in the early- and mid-2000s. The 17870 is a 12-volt remanufactured model with a 1.6-kilowatt power rating: All wear components such as brushes and bushings are replaced with brand-new versions. Additionally, all parts are thoroughly cleaned and polished before assembly is complete. As with the Duralast Gold starters, the 17870 is also triple-tested

Meeting Your Total Car Care Needs

Besides your Honda Civic’s starter, it’s wise to shop at a reputable auto parts and accessories retailer for all your other car care needs. Maintaining its exterior is just as critical as regular mechanical and systems upkeep tasks like changing the oil and replacing air filters. Choosing car wash and detailing products ensures that your Civic’s finish, upholstery and dash stay pristine for years to come. Shopping at a trusted retailer also benefits you with competitive prices, stellar customer service and easy returns. 

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