Fashion statements rarely coincide with needs or comfort. They’re more about the looks than the feel. But one fashion statement that surpassed all expectations is the hoodie. More than a fashion statement, it has become a source of identity. So much so that they have become staple merchandise of any franchise. In any website/store selling fan merchandise, you can also buy men’s hoodies and women’s hoodies. Want to sport your beliefs? Want to stand apart? You can do both with a hoodie.

A hoodie is your hallmark of evolution. From the jackets and coats and windcheaters to protect us from harsh weather came the hoodie. A truly innovative design that can shelter us from the cold while boldly proclaiming our idols, beliefs, and movements we subscribe to.


A sweatshirt with a hood attached is what we refer to as hoodies, and these are perfect for home wear during the winter months. The hip-hop trend of the 80s shot hooded sweatshirts to fame along with universities and schools using them for their sports uniforms to display their school pride. They are perfect for humid weather due to their sweat-wicking fabric, and with the predominantly humid weather in Australia, sweatshirts and hoodies are a practical choice of clothing.


Hoodies have now become a quintessential part of our wardrobe due to its versatile nature. Being made of cotton, it can be worn anytime for either comfort or protection from the elements. The added hood ensures that your head stays warm during the cold while also giving you a sense of safe seclusion from the outside world. In today’s scenario, the hoodie manages to cover up your upper body entirely and hence safeguard your skin, making it essential to be a form of personal protection. 

It is also seen that women tend to buy men’s hoodies as it provides them with a sort of ‘baggy’ comfort that is ideal for home-wear in Aussie weather.


Hoodies have never gone out of style since its inception. Their practical nature, while adding an air of aloofness to your persona, is something that has had some permanence in fashion trends. They come in a wide range of fabrics that make them comfortable to wear even in Aussie’s arid and temperate climates. Today, they come in different forms according to your comfort: zipped, pullovers, raglan sleeves, sleeveless (for working out), with kangaroo pouches or regular pockets in a variety of colours for you to choose from. They make one look effortlessly cool while providing maximum comfort. They are a way of promoting your school or university, a form of propagating logomania of sorts but, at the same time, imbues a sense of belonging. 

The fact that they go with basically anything from trackie dacks to jeans is an added advantage, a sign of its versatility. They are the perfect companions on a cold day out or breezy summer afternoon spent on the couch. 

Our clothes are a way we define ourselves, a form of self-expression. At the same time, suits give off an air of competence and professionalism in the workplace. Hoodies are the perfect casual wear to wear at home to relax and wind down from a busy day.


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