Sincere Sympathy: A Guide to the Types of Flowers to Send to a Funeral

The use of flowers to show thoughts and feelings is a practice that goes way back into human history. During a time of grief, flowers are a beautiful comfort that conveys a message that we don’t need words to hear.

That’s why it’s important to understand the types of flowers you’re selecting. Each one has a different meaning than the others, so finding the right match is a necessary step.

Listed down below are the proper types of flowers for funerals that’ll ensure you’re giving your condolences in the right way.


One of the more popular choices of flowers for funerals, lilies are a graceful and beautiful flower that draws the eye. Their scent fills the room and lingers in the air.

White lilies are the most traditional color choice, and they convey the sense that a departed soul has returned to a place of innocence. It brings the comforting thought that the lost loved one found peace so that those left behind can continue to move forward. 


Sympathy arrangements filled with daffodils are ones that bring a rush of hope and the idea of renewed life.

Daffodils are some of the very first flowers of spring, where everything is green with new life and energy. This idea is represented when flower arrangements feature this flower and it gives grievers a way to look forward to the future.


Roses are more known for their role in romantic relationships, but that message of love also works in times of loss. The delicate beauty of roses imitates the fragility of life, making these some of the best flowers.

White roses are best for conveying innocence, red for respect and strength, and pink for appreciation. No matter which color you choose, they all represent a sense of love that you wish to share with others.


For a long-lasting flower, carnations are a great choice. They stay beautiful and fragrant for many days after being cut, bringing comfort to everyone without fail.

White carnations represent innocence and purity, while red carnations represent admiration and affection.


Unlike most other types of flowers, orchids say the same message regardless of their color. They show a strong sense of everlasting love that transcends time. A love that cannot be broken.

Their unique appearance and strong flower meaning make orchids a beautiful choice.


Arrangements that feature gladioli show that you respected the departed’s strength of character and integrity. These tall flowers cause people to lift their heads when grief and sadness try to pull them down.

When you wish to show people a way to find the strength to carry on, choose gladioli for your flower arrangement.

Send a Warm Message With the Right Types of Flowers

By reading through this list, you’re already showing your grieving friend how much you care. Taking extra time to learn the correct types of flowers means you’ll convey the right message in this moment of loss.

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