7 Different Types of Flower Arrangements for Various Occasions

flower arrangement

It has been rightly quoted that, “Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.” A token of beauty, elegance, and fragrance, flowers have the perfect enchanting look that can effortlessly capture anyone’s attention effortlessly. But did you know that these flowers can be arranged in a variety of arrangements according to the various occasions? It is done to leave a remarkable visual impact on the receiver. You can make use of Flower Delivery Online services to send online gifts in the form of flowers to your loved ones. If you are unaware of the typical flower arrangement that is done to suit various occasions, listed below information will give you an insightful brief about the same.

1.   Fan-shaped flower arrangement

It is one of the most common floral arrangements that are used by multiple floral merchants across the world. Being the classical style, it is most popular and widespread. As the name indicates, the leaves and the flowers are arranged together in the shape of a fan while the voids are filled with the fillers. The arrangement can have both similar and combination of flowers.

2.   Vertical flower arrangement

This type of flower arrangement mostly goes with the flower bouquets and the floral baskets. In this arrangement, two or three combinations of flowers with varying colors and shapes are used to give it a prominent look. It is equally popular and mostly used as a token of gift across the world.

3.   Horizontal flower arrangement

Horizontal floral arrangement is a combination of shallow vessels where a big flower in the middle is accompanied with drooping flower branches on either side. Usually, a combination of different shapes and colors of flowers are arranged in multiple rows or in a zig-zag manner. The flowers are then given a finishing touch using a strong fragrance or scent over the bouquet.

4.   Triangular flower arrangement

This arrangement requires time and patience as the triangular arrangement is made by cutting and trimming the flowers to get the exact shape. The arrangement makes use of the tallest flower stems in the center with smaller flowers arranged on the sides. It is usually used in wedding ceremonies.

5.   Oval flower arrangement

As the name says, the floral arrangement is oval in shape comprises of the brightest and tallest flowers in the center. Here, the flowers, stems, and leaves are trimmed in the form of an oval that is elegantly placed in a bouquet. It is usually used in interior decoration for ceremony halls and special venues.

6.   Crescent flower arrangement

The floral arrangement is done on the shape of a crescent moon. Based on its shape, the stems of the flowers are curved therefore only flexible stems such as gladiola and carnations are used. Then, the arrangement is wrapped in a glossy wrap along with the green leaves and stem fillers.    

7.   ‘S’ shaped flower arrangement

In this arrangement, the flowers are artistically arranged in the form of the alphabet ‘S’. This superb flower arrangement is usually big in size which is presented for any special occasion or celebration. The flowers are placed in flower stands upright along with the leaves and floral fillers.

So, choose any of these flower arrangements and offer an extraordinary look according to any precise occasion. You can even send flowers as online gifts based on the above arrangements to your dear ones through Flower Delivery Online service.


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