The Best Movie Costumes Forever

The Best Movie Costumes Forever

The fact cannot be denied that the best costumes in movies were worn by superheroes. Characters who are shown in the movies not as superheroes are counted as civilians indulging themselves in acts of valor which is great but superhero costumes leave us all amazed and hypnotized.

We all love super heroes and their abilities they show in the movies. While some are basically Gods, some harness the boons out of technology to be the dark vigilante. The main aspect that catches our attention is the costumes and they put on. Superheroes come in long capes and colorful shiny dresses, while on the other hand, mono chrome like metallic black redefines the personality as well.

Vividly bright colors enhance the looks while their stylish personality and attitude has an added advantage on the audience. This is the foremost reason why we all have a hidden desire to look like them.

So here are some of my favorite superhero costumes used in movies:

Superman Movie Costume

Son of Jor El and Lara, Kent Clark is not from this world. He hails from Krypton, a planet of technologies. While the inhabitants used up all the resources, their planet comes to the brink of extinction. A baby named Kal El is sent to Earth, whom today we know as the super human, Superman.

He is totally badass and has the term ‘super’ right in his name. Red cape, blue suit embellished with the S symbol which means hope, this being is definitely humanity’s guardian angel. The way this character is presented is cool but his costume is definitely hot.

Batman Movie Costume

The dark vigilante, Bruce Wayne is the son of Thomas Wayne. His parents got murdered while he was a kid and that was the day he swore to get rid of crime and bullies.

Equipped with a highly armored suit he is the strongest man in Gotham city who fights thugs and criminals. The suit that makes him look like a bat, grants him the ability to glide once he soars high enough.

Bat mask, gloves, arm greaves, suit, boots and cape transforms him from a modern day filthy rich man into Batman.

Hela Movie Costume

Also referred to as the sister of Thor, Hela is the Goddess of Death and is way too powerful than Thor. This Goddess brings with her death and chaos wherever she goes.

Green is the color of death so is her costume. Her outfit is super shiny metallic green in combination with black. She is shown in the Thor Rangarok movie and is definitely powerful in the entire Asgaard.

Green Cape, tight composite leather dress in the combination of black and green, and a long silky scintillating cape in green enhance her looks and transforms her personality.

Green Lantern Movie Costume

Chosen by the Power Ring, Hal Jordan becomes the Green Lantern. He is portrayed as a green met human with amazing powers. His powers come from the piece of jewellery he wears, The Power Ring. This ring is powered by the Lantern, giving him the right name Green Lantern.

His suit is totally spandex. Spandex is a polyester featuring elastic properties giving him the exact fit for his body. Green suit empowers his abilities and the ring harnesses his willpower which results in the form of physical manipulation.


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Captain America Movie Costume

Much more of a lab rat, Steve was just a kid and looked quite malnourished at the time he chose to serve the nation. I just don’t like bullies, I don’t care where they are from attitude made him captain. His suit is quite an attraction. American Flag themed bodysuit in red and white makes him the real Captain America.

Delicately crafted from leather, his red and white suit has added layers of pads giving the character a very bold and strong look. In addition to that, we love to see his added layers of muscles because the outfit is designed to be a bit tight but that would be just negligible.

Wonderwoman Movie Costume

Princess Diana is the beautiful, bold and strong Amazonian who is believed to be the daughter of Zeus. She is the founding member of Justice League along with Bruce Wayne. Diana is a warrior princess and she is a metahuman, winning her the correct name Wonder Woman.

Her costume is completely stylish and bold. Short skirt attached with brown leather which perfectly covers her torso and looks bold as well and knee-length boots make her look like a female warrior. She is the demigod descended from Amazon rightfully getting her the title Wonder Woman.

Thor Movie Costume

We all know him as the Thunder God. His hammer can only be wielded by someone who is worthy of Thor’s power. His costume looks fantastically royal making him earn the correct name God of Thunder.

Odinson Thor is the rightful heir to the throne. Red cape, silver and grey bodysuit and six round plates of metal that binds his dress as he fits right in, is quite a sight.

Civilian costumes and dresses might look bold and one step ahead but superheroes leave us all spellbound with their looks, style, action and flamboyant costumes.


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