7 Things You Can Put On Your Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is the part of your home that we take for granted when it comes to interior decorating. Unless you did an interior overhaul, you probably will miss it. Simply because some don’t think that there are many things to decorate in their bathroom. For as long as you managed to install a toilet seat and make space for the shower, you’re good to go.

However, there’s still more that you can do to make sure that your bathroom will look as lovely as the other rooms in your home. You can add decor, add some paintings, or install shelves for more functional decorations. In this article, we will list down some of the items that you can put on bathroom shelves to help improve the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

1.Spare towels and tissues

The most basic item that you can store on bathroom shelves is spare towels and tissues. Instead of putting your towels in the closet, why not keep them in the bathroom. In that way, you wouldn’t need to panic or run naked in your room to get a towel in case you forget it. Toilet issues are also necessary. It has to be stored within the reach of someone using the lavatory. Otherwise, it will be such a disaster. 

2.Shampoo and soaps for the shower

There are small bathroom shelves that you can install in the shower. In that way, the shampoos and soaps that you regularly use will not be scattered or lying around. You can also preserve them so the soap will not melt right away. By installing shelves in the shower area, you will have a more relaxing and more organized experience.

3.Bath items collection

Some people love to collect bubble bath soaps. They either buy it, or they receive it as a gift. Nevertheless, it’s also nice to display them on shelves. It will not just be functional, but it can also be an additional decoration in the bathroom. It will be nicer if you can install sliding glass doors on your shelves. It will look like an elegant store shelf, plus it will preserve the scent of your bath items.

4.Medicine stocks

If you don’t like to use the traditional medicine cabinets in the bathroom, you can always replace them with a stylish shelf. The cabinets with mirrors and doors are a bit old school, plus it’s hard to maintain. The door tends to break as the years go by. If you want to have a more organized medicine stock, you can install a stylish shelf to put all of them. You can even personalize it to reflect your personality, such as painting it with nice colors.

5.Beauty cosmetics

Men and women will always have a beauty regimen after taking a bath. Instead of just leaving them lying on the sink counter, why not buy a bathroom shelf to store all of them. You can also put there some electronic items you use after your showers, such as a hairdryer or hair straightener. It’s basically like setting up your dresser inside the bathroom. 

6.Magazines and other reading materials

Let’s admit it, there are times that we need to read inside the toilet or the bathroom. While cellphones are a really good alternative for this habit, nothing beats an old-school page-flipping as you relax in the tub or while you’re busy in the toilet. One of the best ways to remedy this is to install bookshelves in the bathroom. You can store various reading materials such as magazines, books, comics, and more. In that way, you’ll never be bored again in the bathroom while you’re doing your business.

7.Decorative items

To boost the interior design of your bathroom, you should exert more effort in decorating them. Aside from the usual bathroom needs, you can also put some decorative items such as paintings, photos, and even plants. In that way, you will have a unique ambiance in the bathroom, which can certainly relax you and your family.

Choose bathroom shelves with good quality.

Regardless of whatever you want to put in the bathroom, make sure to buy high-durable bathroom shelves. The key is to look beyond the design and style. You also need to consider the materials, the sturdiness of construction, and the overall appearance. At the end of the day, bathroom shelves are furniture investments, which means that it’s okay to be a bit expensive for as long as it will last for a long time.

Make sure to never take your bathroom for granted. It is as important as other rooms inside your house. If you are looking for ideas on how you can elevate its interior design, check out some of the bathroom shelves collections at Storables.com. Visit their website to know more varieties of Bathroom Shelves.


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