Best tips to become healthy with a modern lifestyle

Best tips to become healthy with a modern lifestyle

It is a well-known fact that taking better care of personal health increases productivity. However, with modern lifestyle and all the challenges that come up with it, staying healthy is easier said than done. Most people take the easy way out by putting off healthy habits. You can read any health brochure you want, but you need to implement it yourself.

If you feel the need for making improvements to your lifestyle, you aren’t alone. You just need to take some time and reevaluate some of your lifestyle choices. Getting out of old habits can be hard, but a healthier life requires healthier choices.

There are plenty of factors that are known to promote good overall well being. The environment and your genetics are out of your hands, but you can still work on improving yourself. It starts by making educated choices about your diet, physical activity, and sleep. There is no reason why a modern lifestyle can’t be a healthy one.

Eat fruits and vegetables

The best way to start a healthy routine is to start eating fruits and vegetables. They are highly nutritious, containing antioxidants and vitamins. They are known to improve your immunity, promote healthier skin and general health. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet provides you a better chance of fighting cancer and other diseases.

Consume healthy fats

When you think of fats, you may instantly think that it aids in gaining weight. However, that isn’t the case with healthy fat. Sugar and processed foods are known to contain empty calories, which can make you overweight. On the other hand, food items like seeds, nuts, olive, coconut oil, etc. contain fat that is healthy for you. Try including these items in your diet.

Prevent wheat

The wheat that is available nowadays is not what it used to be. It is processed food and doesn’t contain a lot of the nutrients present in whole wheat. Instead of pastries, go for brown rice, buckwheat, and quinoa.

Small meals

Small meals are advisable over large meals as then you would have even distribution of energy. It is one of the most common advises you will find in a health brochure. Smaller meals mean that your stomach doesn’t get overstretched having to digest too much food at one time. General advice would be to eat when you feel hungry and avoid eating beyond the point you are full.


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Drink water

The body is heavily dependent on water for a lot of its processes. You are drinking inadequate amounts of water results in the toxin build-up, which is harmful to your health. Fair to say, it is essential to consume sufficient water for maintaining optimal health. However, factors like your activity and fitness level also determine how water is used by your body.


One of the best ways of stimulating a healthy lifestyle is to work out. Physical activity improves your performance and general health. At least try exercising a week thrice. Try to create a schedule and follow it strictly. Do something that you enjoy, like cycling, running, aerobics, hiking, yoga or even dancing.

Keep stress at a minimum

When your body is stressed, a hormone known as cortisol. The hormone is good, but only in small amounts. Excessive cortisol, resulting from too much stress, can be harmful. It has a negative effect on your immune system, damages memory and increases craving for sugary food. Try to live as stress-free as possible by eliminating factors that can potentially cause stress.

Get enough sleep

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet is the first thing that comes in your mind. However, sleep cannot be ignored; it is as important. When you sleep, your body regenerates itself. Make sure you get adequate sleep every night, so your body gets the rest it needs.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

This is a point that can’t be reiterated enough in health brochure. Smoking is a known cause of cancer along with other diseases. Alcohol is diuretic in nature, meaning it drains water off your body. It is known to hurt health. Try to stop alcohol consumption altogether, or at least reduce it.


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