Guide To Buying An Air Cooler For Your Home

All You Need To Know Before You Buy an Air Cooler

When it comes to handling hot and dry summer months, then you may rely on an air cooler as an affordable appliance to help you sleep comfortably.

Yes, if you don’t have the affordability to purchase a Haier AC or any other, then an air cooler is a viable medium. The price of an air cooler in India starts at around Rs.5,000 and could be under the reach of a commoner.

However, before you go ahead and get home a brand new air cooler, you should be aware of a few aspects so that you can buy the best product. Read on and explore more!

  • The size of your room

The first thing to consider before buying an air cooler is the room size where you want to set it. If your room is small, then you may buy an air cooler that is personal or room type. It will have enough water tank capacity to last an entire night once fully filled. On the other hand, you can go for a desert air cooler if you want it for a medium to a large room to work for longer hours without filling the water frequently.

  • Cooling pads

Most of the air coolers available in the market these days are equipped with honeycomb cooling pads. It is because they are manufactured to provide you with effective cooling. The only thing that you need to check is its thickness, which should be around 90 mm thick to be able to cool the air quickly. You may also look for ice chamber feature in a cooler so that you may enjoy maximized on a hot day. The feature lets you add ice cubes in your machine for increased cooling.

  • Water level indicator

You should also ensure to buy an air cooler that comes with the water level indicator so that you may be aware of when to fill the water. This feature enables you to fill the water to the brim in the night so that it can cool the room for the entire night without having to wake up for filling it.

  • Remote control

All leading air coolers from leading brands these days come with a remote control feature. It helps you to manage its operation without having to rise from your place many times.

  • Castor wheels

Castor wheels in air coolers ensure that you can take it from one room to another. It provides you with portability so that you may set it any place as per your cooling needs. Nowadays, most of the air coolers come with castor wheels.

  • Inverter compatibility

It is not an important aspect to consider, but it may work in your favour to continue keeping you cool despite load shedding. The inverter compatibility feature can help you connect your air cooler with your inverter and enjoy cooling even during the power cut. What’s more, using it over the duration of the power cut with your inverter can also ensure saving precious power units and paying lower electricity bills.

  • Brands and shopping around

It would also be suggested to buy an air cooler from a renowned brand in India. It will not only help in enjoying effortless cooling but even get excellent after-sales services. Leading air cooler brands in India include Symphony, Bajaj, Crompton, and Usha among others.

It will also be recommended to shop around for the best air cooler by landing on a third-party website and compare all models across models in a price point. This way, you may bump on to the best product considering features that you were looking for and under your budget.

If you can consider following the discussed basic yet essential factors before purchasing an air cooler in India, then you will end up having the best model matching your needs.


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