6 Pro Tips For Party Ready Look, Master It Today

6 Pro Tips on Choosing Perfect Outfits for Parties

Parties break the monotony of our daily life. They give us a sense of relief and thus, it is important to attend parties and enjoy to the fullest. However, when an invitation for a party comes up, the first thing that comes in the mind is, “How do I dress up for the party?” Everyone likes to look cool in parties and the outfit that one carries marks the first impression of that person. So, it is necessary that we spend some thinking on what to wear for the party. A lot of factors surround us while choosing the perfect outfit. Searching the web for Jollychic coupon codes for discounts? Give it some time. Below are 6 pro tips that one should definitely go through before making a purchase, following which you’ll absolutely nail it in the parties.

Go in A Stunning Combination

A lot depends on the setting of the party. Setting basically includes the time of the day when the party is organised, the location of the party and the occasion. Occasions may include a corporate event, an anniversary party, an open air brunch party or a crazy night out party at the club. We need to dress up such so that we suit the event. For corporate events, it is necessary that we at least wear a formal shirt that could be tucked in a formal trouser. To add to this effect, we can go for suits and ties that make us look more professional.

A light coloured shirt with a combination of dark trouser and a matching suit absolutely solves the purpose. For women, it is not very different in case of formal wear just that the type and looks for shirts and pants differ. For occasions like anniversaries, we do have the liberty to play around with colours and patterns. A printed shirt paired up with dark chinos looks pretty cool. For women, it can be long dresses or gowns having a vibrant colour palette. For daytime parties, one would probably like to dress up in a more comfortable attire.

A printed top paired of sneakers with jeans can be fine. For men though, light shirts with shorts look super casual and go on well for pool parties and brunches. For night parties in clubs, men could go with polo tees paired up with chinos or distressed jeans. To take it to the next level, try out a V-neck t-shirt with a bombard jacket. Girls in club parties have the freedom to explore their adventurous end and could go for sleek and shiny dresses that attract attention.

So basically, it all boils down to the occasion for which one is getting dressed. But again, clothes are just a part of the outfit. More things do follow.

Shoes, Belts and Watches

To bring out that special look, it is important to match up shoes, belts and watches with the attire. For casual parties, once can go with sneakers and loafers whereas for the formal ones one must go with a black brown coloured formal shoe. Try to wear belts and watches in a way that complement your attire. For women, they were traditionally known to match their shoes with their purse but nowadays no one actually cares. But again, the shoes and the purse must complement each other.

Make up and Deodorants

Keeping things simple generally goes on well for make ups. One can look glamorous by straightening or curling the hair as per the outfit chosen by her. Make sure you smell good cause odour also is a part of outfit. Use a sweet smelling deodorant to complement your attire.


For parties like anniversaries, one could wear diamond rings and earrings. They really go well with long gowns and look elegant.

Make it Unique

Try to do something unique which adds on a unique tinge to your outfit. For example, semi formal slim fit shirts can be worn with rolled cuffs. It really enhances the appearance and gives that extra bit of elegance.


It is not always possible to go for new outfits for different parties. If you don’t have enough budget, try rolling out the dresses you have and match them with one another. Nowadays, there are no concrete rules of fashion. Try mixing and matching your dresses, and if you feel, you can carry your outfit, simply go for it. But if you budget allows, want to check out few beautiful outfits? Probably now you can go on with your search. Also, 6th Street is one of the best stores that have a huge collection of fashionable outfits. They offer quality outfits at huge discounts. Please do visit their websites for 6th Street discount codes.


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