10 effective tips for getting rid of alcoholism

10 effective tips for getting rid of alcoholism

Breaking the shackles of any form of addiction can be a real challenge. Alcoholism, where a person is addicted to alcohol, is certainly no different. Stepping into this cobweb can happen anytime. Leaving it takes some well-calculated steps which must be practiced daily for a complete recovery. In this perspective let us take a look at ten effective tips that can help you get rid of alcohol addiction.

  1. Make a tracker of a regular consumption – To get rid of an addiction, you must first know how bad you are into it. In the case of alcoholism as well, first, make a chart of the volume of alcohol that you consume daily. Make an account of the time for which you have been addicted. Both these statistics together can tell you how bad your addiction is. This will be your first step to getting rid of your addiction.
  2. Reduce the amount step by step – A very common and initial mistake people make while planning their addiction treatment is that they stop their consumption. In case you can stick to this plan there cannot be anything better. However, most people fail at this attempt. Hence on a more reasonable note, try to reduce the amount of your alcohol consumption. For example, begin by abstaining from alcohol on weekdays. You can also begin by drinking on alternate days or once every two days. Reduce the number of pegs you consume.
  3. Do not drink when in stress – Drinking and stress hand in hand can create havoc. Most people become ardent addicts when they get into the rut of drinking to manage their stress. As a thumb rule do not drink when in stress.
  4. Do not consume salty side items – Salty food items like fried food, peanuts, etc can increase your thirst for another drink. Do not eat salty side binge while drinking.
  5. Avoid the company where fosters drinking– Most people enter the world of alcoholism with the encouragement of friends and company who fosters the habit of drinking. No matter what feel-good effect it has on you, try to discern between the correct and the easy choice. Abstain from a company that encourages drinking.
  6. Avoid restaurants and eating joints which serve liquor – If you are on alcoholism treatment avoid socializing in hotels and eating joints that serve liquor. Once in a restaurant or a party try nonalcoholic beverages to be in the tide of socializing but safe from the clutches of intoxication.
  7. Build a supportive community – Try to build a wall of supportive people around you who will support you through this journey. Inspiration from positive people like family members, friends, and mentors can be a potential help.
  8. Find hobbies to keep yourself engaged – Creative and productive hobbies can help you stay away from alcohol. Try to revive an old hobby like reading, gardening, traveling, cooking, etc. All this will keep you busy in a productive sort of way and will help you feel rewarded and great at the end of the day.
  9. A healthy lifestyle – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a potential help. Eating the right food, sleeping the right hours, and working out daily can be a help.
  10. Get professional help – In case you feel that the addiction has gone pretty bad, you must seek professional help.

Like all other addictions, getting rid of alcoholism is never an overnight task. slipping back is a potential threat. You can also expect other problems like severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, mood swings, depression, lack of concentration, high blood pressure, erratic pulse rate, etc. Also find here a blog related to Understanding Alcoholism Including Its Symptoms & Cure.


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