7 Actionable Tips to Improve your Local SEO without Hampering your Ranking

Many small businesses operate on a regional level and sell products and services that cater to a specific community or region’s requirements. Local SEO can help small business owners attract more people through localized SEO. It can help gain trust among the customers by marketing your brand, services, or products in a region.

But why should businesses focus on local SEO? By optimizing, you can gather more leads and get higher conversion rates by targeting local customers. This article will help you with seven practical local SEO tips listed by the experts of best SEO agency to help you boost your local SEO without hampering your ranking.

Start using Google My Business

By optimizing your business profile using Google My Business, you can rank higher effectively and gain visibility in Google’s local search results. Since most search queries are made on Google in India, you should not miss out on this opportunity.

Keywords like ‘near me’, ‘nearby’, and using city names can help your business become visible on the screen and information on shops. It would hardly take an effort of 20 minutes for setup, and then you can get your profile verified.

Get reviewed by your customers regularly

A good SEO company in Delhi knows that reviews are great for business. They not only help in optimizing your My Business presence but also encourage customers to buy from you. People like to check out reviews and recommendations before purchasing a product or service.

Here are a few tips for gathering more reviews:

Ask your customers to review after you have made a sale.

Send post-purchase text or email to satisfied customers to get a review (Avoid approaching customers who complained about your product or service).

Do respond to the reviews professionally, thank them with kind regards. Address complain reviews positively and try to cover up their concerns.

Publish posts on your Google My Business profile

Posting regularly on your Google My Business profile can have a positive effect on your rankings. The profile feature is quite similar to that of social media posts on other social media websites. You can hire an SEO company in Gurugram to get it done for you.

Some good posting ideas are listed as follows:

Discounts, promotions, and updates

Simple blog posts

Announcements about hirings

Add localized keywords

You can use Google’s keyword planner to get popular search terms relevant to your industry. It can help you get a better organic reach by boosting your presence in those search terms. You can incorporate those keywords in the posts you create to get better organic traffic. 

While using the keywords in the content helps you target the right audience, you can improve your possibilities to rank higher on Google for the same if you make them appear in your site’s metadata, URLs, along with the content copy. Further, if you have a famous landmark nearby, you can use its name for references to boost your local reach.

Actively use social media

Social media can help you gather a ton of leads if you maintain your account consistently. You can grow your user base and get more relevant leads from your connections and friend circles and get more referrals. You can hire an SEO company in Gurugram to handle social media platforms to help people connect with your brand in their day to day life.

Get backlinks to your website

Getting backlinks from relevant and well-written content on other websites play a crucial role in SEO and rankings. Research competitor listings and get listed: Analyse which websites link to your top competitors, explore ways to get listed to those websites by providing information, or reaching out to the authors with warm regards.

Optimize your website for mobile

Access to cheap internet has witnessed an increase in users actively searching on Google for queries. More people search on mobile devices, and thus google lists the websites with better responsive designs higher. You can hire an SEO company in Gurgaon to get a mobile-friendly web design.


Local SEO helps you make your business visible to the regional audience. One-third of search queries for products and services are localized, which means that your business would lose out this traffic if you do not focus on local SEO. You can go through the tips to get better in your local listings online.


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