Safe and Sound – 5 Tips For Surviving The Holiday Traffic


The holiday season is the best time of the year for many families. You can get away for a while, catch up with friends and family, and finally relax and unwind from the year that was. Unfortunately, with all that freedom comes even worse traffic than normal. With traffic jams and wait times set to pretty much double, it’s important to be properly prepared before you roll out of the driveway this holiday season.

Light Em Up

The last thing you need when there are cars everywhere is to not be able to see properly. So, the first thing you should do before you head off on your holiday road trip is clean up your headlight lenses. 

If things still aren’t as bright as you’d like them to be, now is the perfect time to install some LED driving lights. They’ll make long stretches of dark highway far less intimidating, and if you’re the type who likes to camp, they will make your adventures far safer.

Check Everything

No-one wants to break down in the middle of a traffic jam. Sometimes things happen and it’s unavoidable, but before you hit the road, there are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of ending up in trouble. 

Always check your oil, coolant, and tire pressure, as well as anything else under the hood that isn’t part of a closed system in your vehicle. This may seem like an unpleasant chore, but it could save you a lot of stress. 

Pack Snacks

Got the kids in the back? Snacks are a must for any restless passengers. Getting the whole crew together to create a tasty collection of your favorite road trip snacks is a great way to kick off your holiday, and it will make sitting in traffic a bit more bearable. Just pass back some munchies when you get asked for the hundredth time whether you’re there yet.

Note: This trick also works for adult passengers who have a habit of back-seat driving. You can get a little more grown-up with what’s on offer when dealing with adults (cheeses and crackers are generally a hit). You could also consider a gourmet Christmas hamper if you really want to go all out. 

Bring Pillows And Blankets

Improving the ability of your passengers to sleep in the car is essential if you’re going on long or late trips. More than just a kindness for your fellow travelers, it’s of great benefit to the driver. If you’re feeling a little sleepy, a power nap could literally save your life, and we promise it will be a lot better if you’ve got somewhere soft to lay your head.

Have A First Aid Kit Handy

You might think that the inside of your car is quite safe, but if something does go wrong, you want to be able to fix it without having to find an auto shop or medical center. A fully stocked tool kit and first aid kit should be a staple in any car, but at this time of year, it’s even more important. Make sure you have everything you need in each kit and don’t let them get buried under your suitcases. 

Traffic is never fun, but during the holiday season, it can be even more irritating. These tips will make surviving the holiday traffic safer and more enjoyable, but they’re not your only options for improving the experience. Let us know your favorite road trip tips in the comments, and have yourself a wonderful vacation!


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