5 Exercises to Improve your Spine and Posture

5 Exercises to Improve your Spine and Posture

As the world is gradually adapting to the new normal, working from home (WFH), it is becoming necessary that you take care of your posture. WFH means sitting all day with your PC or laptop, which takes a toll on your neck and back. It then affects your health, balance, and overall flexibility. To counteract these, you can go for spine exercises to help you with more energy to pass your day.

A correct posture is also necessary to keep your muscles and ligaments healthy. There are several spine exercises that you can include in your daily workout routine for your health and overall well being. We have listed below five useful exercises that will help you improve your posture. Let us take a look at them.

Child’s Pose

It is a pose that will help you stretch your spine, hamstrings, and glutes. Spine exercises, as such, help in liberating your neck and lower back tensions.

You have to put your knees together and sit on your shin bones. Your big toes have to touch the floor and then stretch your hands in the front. Next, you have to put your head on the floor and stay in this position for about five minutes and keep breathing deeply.

Forward Fold

Another name among the spine exercises that is quite effective is the forward fold. It is a standing workout that relaxes your hamstrings and glutes along with the spine.

To do it, you have to fold your body towards the front of your hips. It will help to dig your chin in the chest. You have to bend your knees slightly. Do not worry if you cannot touch the floor with your hands. It will be beneficial to stay in this position for at least a minute.


Cat-cow helps in stretching your spine. Simultaneously, it will also release tension from your neck, shoulders and torso and regulate blood flow.

Spine exercises like this demand you be on all fours. Then, you have to inhale while you look up and exhale while arching your spine outwards. You have to continue these moves alternatingly for almost a minute for it to prove advantageous.

Standing Cat-Cow

This exercise helps in releasing the tension in your glutes, hips, and back. It is quite similar to the one mentioned above, except that it is a standing stretch position.

You will have to slightly bend your knee for this workout and place your feet at a hip-width distance. Then, you need to place your hands on your thighs and lengthen your neck. Subsequently, follow the moves of the cat-cow exercise along with the breathing.

High Plank

It is among the several spine exercises that will help you get relief from the stiffness and pain that you experience all over your body. A high plank strengthens your glutes, shoulders, and hamstrings. It is useful in maintaining your posture because it makes your core, back, and neck strong.

You have to be on all fours with your legs stretched and hips raised. Put your arms on the floor and engage the core and leg muscles. It will help if you retain the position for about a minute.


The exercises mentioned above will help you maintain your posture, strengthen your spine, and release all the tension. As you have to sit all day working from home, these are the most affected areas. You have to keep yourself fit and healthy; only then will you be able to deliver productivity.


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