Top 10 Influencers in SEO Fraternity

Top 10 Influencers in SEO Fraternity

SEO is an important attribute to advertise any brand in a search engine by promoting the visibility to your page through anyone who searches with that particular name. In that regard, certain SEO influencers are trending in the market to help you excel in any business you operate.

Below listed are a few of the most competent influencers that would get your job done like a pro.

1: Rand Fishkin

The founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin a famous personality is one of the strong influencers in SEO in today’s market. The company initially emerged as a solely SEO based one in the ’90s. If you are interested in SEO and digital marketing, then it is suggested to follow his page on Twitter where he regularly keeps his followers posted with new updates about technology and stuff.

2 : Neil Patel

Another outstanding influencer to rely on if you are looking to enhance the traffic of your newly launched website. Neil launched some worth discussing companies like Crazy Egg, Kiss metrics, also a renowned writer for Quick Sprout. He has helped many refined companies generate a huge revenue via his responsive online marketing skills and strategies. He pens down about anything right from marketing to sales, digital conversions, and many more.

Keep an eye on his twitter post to get more knowledge on boosting the website performance.

3 : Danny Sullivan

Danny, a California based techie is one of the best influencers you can count on for your website. He is also the co-founder of Search Engine Land. Being a proactive person, Danny also manages his role as Content Manager at a company named Third Door Media. This website primarily focuses on all digital online marketing strategies that are a big strength for your business.

You can follow him on Twitter to know some hacks to include ‘AdSense’ to improve the reachability of website name in between the audience.

4 : John Rampton

A leading influencer who is also the co-founder of Due and, a great writer at a few of the top-notch companies like Forbes and Huffington Post. He is a pro in digital marketing and, can guide you through your expansion of business with his extensive knowledge. A base of 1.5 followers exists for him on Twitter, which, is regarded as an assertive sign.

5 : Matt Cutts

The list would not be satisfied without mentioning Matt Cutts who is a popular Software Professional based in America. With prior experience in Google Inc. as the Web Spam team head, he is considered the most productive person to guide you with valuable information to get your website highlighted in search engines. He has his current blog running at and, is very informative in terms of SEO related content. He has worked in the motive of helping common people retrieving appropriate search results in the Google search engine when searched for instead of displeasing them with irrelevant search results.

Follow his forum to be benefited from various SEO hacks in social media platforms like Google, YouTube, or Twitter.

6 : Barry Schwartz

Another SEO expert who has worked with many top companies like Forbes and, a few more. He has also established his own SEO Company named Rusty Brick and, has observed many companies experiencing a setback due to dynamically changing search engine algorithms.

Barry manages to find new innovative algorithms that would keep your website in the top rank in search engines always. Get in touch with him via Linked In or Twitter to boost your website visibility in social engine.

7 : Andrew Shotland

Being the founder of LocalSEOGuide, Andrew Shotland played an indispensable role in the online growth of NBC and Showtime. He has regular followers on Twitter who would be keen on reading his tweets SEO, post memes, and offers that are a great influence on SEO online marketing. Please connect with him via tweet messages to get all the related information on local SEO.

8 : ShamaHyder

A popular and sensible female personality in media and a digital marketing person by profession is a key influencer in the SEO industry to consult for your website growth. She has a wide experience in social media and online marketing and a great mentor to the public. Many innovative marketing strategies incorporated by marketers on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and she guided Snapchat initially.

Her views are always unique and give so much importance be it media-related or online marketing with the aim of promoting any business. Follow her on her page on Instagram or Facebook to get to know more about her and grow your business in this challenging market.

9 : Shane Barker

Shane Barker is a trendsetting digital marketer and an active member of Sacramento’s start-up. He is a chief person who helps in expanding the business of companies by providing spontaneous ideas on online marketing that eventually results in huge revenue for the promoting firm. He has a wide experience in consulting for several fortune 500 companies and, contributed to their business growth remarkably.

10 : Dr. Pete Meyers

A marketing scientist at Moz who works closely with various teams to come up with full-fledged and data-driven content in his blog presentations. His ideas and algorithms have demonstrated an effect on many people in their businesses in a very positive way. He comes up with unique research tools to manage Google and, serves as a great base for SEO experts to comprehend and implement their SEO goals efficiently.


Managing a firm can be challenging with constantly changing algorithms and it is not feasible to track each one of them. If you are running your own business or manage digital marketing for clients, it is high time you are conscious about these influencers to see a huge impact on the traffic. These influencers have a track on all the new changes and, keep you posted about them in their daily blogs, which is a very informative and engaging medium.

They can simplify your job by providing the right information on the recent trends in the online marketing industry that help you to sort new strategies in expanding the online presence of your website or company. Follow them now to be benefited right away in your career!


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