Top 6 Tips to Gain Online Presence


The Internet has made possible many things that we would have never considered possible before, or made others easier. Among other things, today we can earn money from our home, or even gain some recognition using our social networks.

We may not be looking precisely for fame or trying to win customers to sell something or provide a service; rather, we are learning something or dedicating part of our time to creating or practicing something that could interest people on the internet.

In this way, we can take advantage of the advantages that the internet and social networks offer us to publicize what we do and start earning an audience that could help us later.

1 : The online recognition

You probably know success stories of people who have become famous thanks to the internet. There are cases of world fame, like the singer Justin Bieber, who made himself known thanks to his videos singing on YouTube or even if you run a small sofa upholstery in Dubai, you need to sustain your online presence.

But there is also the case of youtubers, those people who create content continuously for their channels, in very diverse areas, and have gained recognition in their countries or even internationally.

It is not necessary to aspire to any of these, but no matter what you do, if you have something to express or to show; The fact of having many followers or views thanks to what you do is proof that you are doing well, and could open many doors.

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2 : Share what you do

Sharing what we do is the main way to get people’s attention and to be interested in our abilities. But this is not about literally sharing what we do every minute, but about sharing what we do.

That is, if you paint or take pictures, social networks are excellent places to share what you have done. Many people are interested in what you know, and the fact that some people are constantly following your work, no matter how much, is very valuable.


3 : Use the different social networks in an appropriate way

When it comes to social networks and platforms to share content or jobs, there are many options. It is therefore important that you determine which ones are right for you, or which of these you really like or use.

Instagram and Facebook have a huge amount of users and you can easily share visual content. Twitter can be excellent for sharing information and thoughts and YouTube allows you to express yourself freely.

Also, depending on what you do, other more specific platforms can help a lot. If you are an artist, Art Station is very popular, if you are a musician Band camp or Sound Cloud they are very good options and if you write, maybe Watt pad could interest you. Determine the best option for you.


4 : Have a YouTube channel

YouTube has become a place where many people come with the goal of becoming famous and convert the creation of content in their career and make known their work; Inspired by so many success stories from other you tubers.

Of course it is important to have great aspirations and want to be recognized and improve; but it is also important to remember that the fuel of a YouTube channel and the public is the content, so we should have something to show.

Having a YouTube channel is probably one of the best ways to get noticed, but it’s not necessarily easy to become famous. The important thing is to use YouTube as a way to publicize your work, or even to teach other people what you know. Even if you do not become famous, this can help.

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5 : Show what you know how to do

Teaching could be perceived by many as an alternative option when you have not been able to get a job doing what you want. But teaching is much more than this, and could even a way of making known what you do.

Many people are interested in learning what you do, and the fact that you teach it will mean a lot to these people. In addition, more than one person will be interested in what you do beyond teaching and will want to know your work.

In this way, you can help many people learn a skill that interests them, be known by several people and also be able to continue showing your work to more people.


6 : Be respectful

This is not exactly a way to gain a presence on the Internet, but it is important to keep in mind that what we say on the Internet will be available to the rest of the people, so it is worth being respectful and not offending.

Things like tolerance to criticism, our ideals, opinions or thoughts; They can cause different impressions in people. Therefore, always be honest, but also be respectful and inform yourself before saying something that could cause misunderstandings, people will appreciate it.


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