Why Facebook Marketing Is Important? Need to Know

Why Facebook Marketing Is Important ?

Facebook showcasing in internet making of Facebook page as a correspondence channel, utilizing fully, and keeping up contact with clients. Facebook effectively gives this and enables clients to make singular profiles and business pages for bunches that look to abuse corporate, authoritative, or items, administrations, and brand fans.

 What can Facebook do for businesses?

Facebook has opened a new era for businesses to interact with their customers. It has become one of the most powerful channels for businesses to reach potential customers. However, it does not mean that Facebook is a substitute for a website, instead, it complements each other. While website showcases your products and services 24/7, Facebook creates the social experiences and amplify the most powerful types of marketing for your business – word of mouth.

Facebook is an extremely effective medium to interact and grow your customer base and add value to their experience with the brand. Besides, it is a great channel to generate brand awareness and with a good strategy in place to connect with your customers, they will spend more time with your brand. When you have developed a clear strategy and precision, it will help you drive sales without increasing your marketing budgets. Learn how to increase your conversion rate through facebook from social media marketing certification course in Indore.

Why does Facebook marketing work for businesses?

  • There is 2.9 billion monthly user of Facebook.
  • S. adults spend an average of 25.29 minutes per day on Facebook. U.S. adults spend an average of 25.29 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • Facebook users watch 100 hours of videos every day..
  • There 700 billion businesses using Facebook business pages.
  • 8 social media marketer says facebook delivers the best ROI among the other networks.

 How to do Facebook marketing?

 4 Important Ways to do Successful Facebook Marketing

1) Clear goal and strategy

It is difficult to accurately grasp the accuracy with out clear goal stg of the outcome of the social media strategy and the places where it is necessary to continue ongoing. Setting goals and strategies is very important in Facebook marketing; it gives you direction and measures your success. For example, a restaurant wanted to increase by 20% of the number of customers dining in their restaurant within the next 3 months. Their strategies could include:

Creating a post every day before lunch and dinner hours featuring the special of the day

Posting a daily photo showing the most popular food of the day.

Encourage customers to post a photo of them enjoying their meals.

The goals and strategies for facebook marketing will depend upon few factors such as :

Nature of business

Firms objective

Type of audience etc.

2) Encourage Comment and Quick Reply

Create postings of your business that are of interest to them and encourage them to comment. Reply their comments and questions as quickly as possible, within 24 hours are best. Failing to do so will cause them reluctant to engage with your business again and they will gradually drift away. Commenting doesn’t mean just saying Thank you, it also involves answering to queries of your audience, replying back to the comments creates trust between you and your audience which in turn help you to convert more users to your customers.

3) Generate Buzz

Giving away free stuff or offering your product at a discounted rate to Facebook users is definitely a good way to create buzz on your facebook pages. It is used to encourage the users to ‘like’ and interact with your page. For example, cosmetic shop marking down selected products price when a specific posting on Facebook reach a certain number of ‘likes’.Planning online contests and competition is also a great way to keep your audience engage and spread a word of mouth of your brand such type of promotional strategies provide value to both companies as well as to the users.

4) Content is King

Be interesting, make your business memorable. Create fun and creative postings to attract Facebook users’ attention. However, content must be related to your business; it can be customers’ stories, photos and videos. Once users interact with your pages, your postings will automatically visible to their friends and it helps your post to spread exponentially. In order to make your content viral one should ensure that they use proper hashtags, they can boost your reach and impressions and simultaneously help you to make your content viral.

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