Top 10 Colleges in the World Those are Hardest to Get Into

College education is a privilege experienced by few because the college degree provides a gateway to a bright future and it is the only means through which people can hope to get a good job. Acceptance rate of a college is determined based on the applicants per seat; however, it is notable that it is not merely a number game. Here are some of the top Universities which are next to impossible to get into – probably because of its prestige, reputation and quality of education.

Harvard University

Harvard University has always been one of the most prestigious colleges – and that too, all around the world. It is an Ivy League Research University located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. If we are to consider the alumni of any institution as a deciding factor of its reputation, then Harvard’s alumni says it all. It has, till date, produced 8 Presidents, 130 Nobel Laureates and several Heads of States across the world and scholars. This hard-to-get-into has an acceptance rate of a staggering low 5.4%. Admissions include SOP, interview rounds and an exemplary resume.

Indian Institutes of Technology

IITs are public educational Institutions and currently there are 23 IITs in India. Many of these institutes, especially IIT Delhi an IIT Mumbai, feature in the top schools in the world. Offering both undergraduate and graduate programs, they offer courses in Engineering and Management as well as Physics, Math and Chemistry. The common entrance test, JEE – touted as one of the toughest entrance exams in the world – is required for admissions in IITs. To know more about it, has all the information you need.

Stanford University

Leland Stanford Junior University – or just the Stanford University – is probably the biggest contributor to the world economy by its way of supporting the Silicon Valley. Often rated as the dream college in the USA, it provides both, courses in Arts as well as Sciences. Its alumni range from 30 living billionaires to the 17 astronauts as well as the 60 Nobel Laureates indicates that it supports diverse academic pursuits. The acceptance rate of the college is a ridiculous low 4.8%, making it toughest college to get in.

California Institute of Technology

Known as one of the United States premier technical institutes, Caltech – or California Institute of Technology – is located in Pasadena, California. It is relatively a new university set up in the year of 1891 and plays an important role in many revolutionary projects including NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The university always focuses on courses related to technical arts and applied sciences, which attracts lot of prodigies from all over the world. The acceptance rate for this Institute is as low as 8%, and all the selected candidates are either successful in SATs or in other competitive exams. Even top engineering colleges in India are not at all in competition with Caltech!


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Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the older American Universities, having established way back in the 18th century – 1746, to be precise. Since it is a very old university, its focus is more concentrated on various courses of study and has very exemplary courses in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. It as alumni who are now located in the US Senate and Congress, Supreme Court and have also won several notable awards. The University has a very low acceptance rate of 6.5% – which is comparatively lower than all other colleges or Universities.

Yale University

Yale University is one of the oldest universities in USA and undoubtedly, one of the top ten in the World. It was established in the year of 1701 and was also the first University to award a PhD in the USA. This Ivy League Institution is popular for its Law and Medical Courses, even with it providing over 2000 courses across various disciplines. The coveted institution is alma mater for diplomats, scientists and scholars, with the acceptance rate of only 6.3%.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is an Ivy League Institution and also one of the original colonial colleges established in the year of 1740. It has a rich history of enabling education firsts like setting up the school of medicine, UPenn is also the Alma Mater to powerful alumni ranging from diplomats to CEOs. It has an acceptance rate of only 9.4%!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Every engineer’s dream is to study at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology i.e. MIT. The University is set up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and was started purely as an applied science college. However, recently, it has gained favor among students for sciences, economics, linguistics and management as well. Even though the top MBA Colleges in India might be striving to achieve this status and reputation, no one can beat MIT! The acceptance rate is a low 7.9% with only the successful in SAT and GRE exams getting admissions.

London School of Economics and Political Science

It is a public research university as well as a leading university for the study of social sciences. Although the name suggests study of economics, there are 25 academic departments at the University and has produced thought leaders in social sciences and heads of states, leading to a major change in policy making across the world. It hosts a representation of almost 155 countries in its student body and consequently, has the highest representation of international students. It has, therefore, an acceptance rate as low as 8.9%!

Juilliard School

Juilliard School is located in the city of New York; USA is the world’s best institution for the arts. The school offers training in drama, music and dance, and offers Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters Programs in all three of them. The notable alumni of the school include Viola Davis, Robin Williams and Kevin Spacey. The acceptance rate at the school is mere 6%, and unlike other schools and universities, offers audition stage since the schools offers courses in the performing arts.


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