Off-Campus Student Housing : Is It Worth It?

Off-campus student housing Is it worth it

If you’re busy deciding whether to live on campus or off campus, you may first consider the costs as a college student. You are probably looking for ways to cut costs as the price of tuition, books and other supplies goes up invariably year after year. It is there imperative to consider all your expenses and try to figure out less expensive options. One of the most expensive aspects of going to college is paying for accommodation and food. Depending on where the campus is situated, you might just be able to find an alternative living arrangement off campus.

Rent on and off campus

In some places, it may be cheaper to live in dorms instead of renting an apartment with friends or on your own. You should take some time to get to know the surrounding areas and get a better idea of the rentals in that area. Compare these rates with those on campus rates and consider transport, and other bills that you may incur. Familiarize yourself with lease agreements and decide if it is a good option for you. Nowadays you may even be able to find off-campus student apartments that allow you to co-live with other students in an out of campus setting.

These co-living apartments are ideal as they allow you to share the rent with other individuals who are just like you. Co-living apartments offer luxury style living at a minimum cost as every occupant pays a set rate. Amenities like internet, access to the pools, gymnasiums, maid service and many more are often include in this rate. You may also be provided with necessities like coffee, sugar and teabags.

houses for college students to rent

The setting is ideal as the financial strain does not fall on one individual, and the apartment offers a communal kitchen, living room and bathroom. Each occupant will have their own private room though and access to all utensils in the communal rooms. Young people may find that this option allows them to have a sense of independence while still being responsible and mature individuals. It gives youngsters the chance to meet other college students, make lasting friendships or romantic relationships. It may be beneficial to know that cleaning is not done by the student, as is in the dorm rooms, with off campus living cleaning services are included in the cost.

The factor to consider though is the amount of money you are willing to pay for food. Alternatively, you may choose to come up with a plan with your roommates on how you will split costs and whether each of you will be cooking separately. You would also need to consider how far the accommodation is from the campus and whether there is public transport at a time that suits you every day. It would be smart to decide on a place that is nearer the campus to avoid unnecessary traveling to and from campus. Preferably get a place that is within a walking distance, or if you plan on permanently relocating to the area then you may consider investing in a car.

There are many things to consider when deciding on accommodation, but make sure you decide what is best for you.


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