Top 10 Luxurious Homes of Dubai

Top 10 Luxurious Homes of Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxurious properties and day by day it is progressing in bringing high-class housing for the residents and investors around the world.

As per the one of the luxury home brokerage list of Dubai expensive homes, the buyer has paid up to AED129.9million to have a world-class property in Dubai.  There are many homes which are more expensive than this but they are not shown on the list due to privacy factor.

There is great demand for luxurious homes of Dubai and it will get more strengthen in 2019 as the managing director of, Jason Hayes said.

Right now, we have completed a great number of transactions and there are many inquiries regarding the luxury homes of Dubai.  There are many transactions which are pending till now and we can say that the future is bright for Dubai and records will going to break in the coming years.

We are reaching the customers around the globe with our impressive marketing strategies and have clients from the UK, Canada, Belgium, Qatar, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

The real estate market in Dubai is quite mature by now and we see the growth prospects of the future.

Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah are the famous locations in Dubai which offer amazing house experience ranging from a penthouse to a beachfront villa.

The top ten most expensive houses of Dubai are as follow

Penthouse, Palm Jumeirah, AED25million

The penthouse is located on Palm Jumeirah east crescent and has huge open space at the center and front with amazing 5 terraces. One can enjoy the incomparable view from the penthouse with superb services of concierge and reception.  The penthouse provides you with a full and clean sunrise view and thus a good retreat place to enjoy life.

Penthouse, Downtown Dubai, AED28.7million

The off-plan penthouse 118 is located in downtown, secure and personal with a classic touch.  The property can be alter to meet the resident’s taste and demand. It comes with 4 bedroom option but can be alter for 2 or 3 bedrooms as the client demands.  The penthouse provides you with an amazing view of DFIC and the famous Burj Khalifa. You can enjoy the dancing fountain just by sitting in your 118 penthouses.

Penthouse, Palm Jumeirah, AED36million

This presidential penthouse is located on the palm crescent and is one of the parts of Serenia 3 offerings.  The penthouse gives you an amazing view of Burj al Arab, the palm and Dubai Marina with its 11,291 sq feet top floor and garden at the rooftop.


Villa, Al Barari, AED48million

Stunning is a small word for this villa in al Barari. The villa is upgrade with 19,145 square feet BUA and thus making it a most luxurious place to live in.  The villa has 8 bedrooms and gives you a lavish lifestyle with spa, controlled pool and fully air condition showroom of a car.  One can get perfectly entertained with private access to the BBQ area, swimming pool, and sunken bar.


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Villa, Palm Jumeirah, AED57million

This is the villa if you want to have a most private place on plan Jumeirah. The beachfront villa provides you with a most beautiful view of the skyline, Burj al Arab, and the Atlantis.  The size of the villa is 11,000 square foot and there is a glass door which gives access to the private beach. The total rooms in the villas are 6.

Villa, Palm Jumeirah, AED58million

The contemporary villa located on the palm gives you full opportunity to enjoy the beach life. The size of the villa is 14000 square foot and provides you with a private beach view, 3 balconies, Jacuzzi and a private pool as well. You can keep the privacy and can enjoy the beautiful view of Burj al Arab and Atlantis by sitting in your villa.

Villa, Palm Jumeirah, AED64million

The customize villa has no comparison when it comes to its modern architecture design by the famous designer who is associated with Washington palms and Burj Khalifa.  You can have vest views of Atlantis and Arabian sea with glass wall from floor to ceiling. You can enjoy the lavish lifestyle with a beachfront view and private swimming pool.

 Villa, Palm Jumeirah, AED80million

The luxurious villa is located on M tip and is the size of 13000 square feet. The villa is famous for providing the longest beachfront view on the palm. Once it is ready and lives in will give you a mesmerizing view of Palm Jumeirah Crescent, Dubai skyline with free and private access to the pool and beautiful interior.


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Villa, Palm Jumeirah, AED115million

The customize and off plan villa on Palm Jumeirah is known for providing the biggest and private beachfront view along with the panoramic sight of Dubai Marina, the ocean, and the Arabian gulf sunset.  The villa is best in everything with its 14,412 square feet size and private gym, Jacuzzi and a pool to entertain you.

Villa, Emirates Hills, AED129.9million

The most spacious and lighten villa on emirates hills makes you feel very relaxed and calm in the relaxation room with lush greenery around.  The villa is lively and comfortable with simple decor and natural light coming in all the time.  The villa is not less than a dream to live in with a relaxed space to live in, a swimming pool and courtyard full of trees and waterfalls.


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