Skullcandy’s Crusher Over-Ear Headphones Reviews

Skullcandy's Crusher Over-Ear Headphones Review Guaranteed to Rattle Your Bones

Many persons love to hear music to reduce their stress and make themselves entertaining. In this hectic work schedule the music lovers tends themselves to enjoy their favorite rhythms during their travel and in their free time. In order to satisfy all their needs there are several techno update devices available in the market. There are several devices such as speakers, headset, headphone, iPad, mobile phones, laptop and computers. Most of the people use headset and headphones to enjoy their favorite rhythms during their travel mainly because of their portability.

So all music lovers would wish to choose best headphones to enjoy the music there are several varieties of headphones and headset available with several features such as wired headphones, wireless connections like Bluetooth head phones and Bluetooth headset. The most important thing while choosing the headphone you should be clear enough to choose branded one in order to experience the real music with bass effect. If you check about top brands most of the people do not aware about the best brands available with various styles like ear in head phones, over ear headphones, over head headphones and one ear Bluetooth headphones even more.

Although headphones have several types and style the most commonly use type is over ear headphones. Skullcandy is most popular brands in over ear headphone at present Skullcandy headphones are trending among the teen music lovers. Some people can think that whether Skullcandy headphones are more branded than other headphones like Sony, Samsung and even more. The Skullcandy headphones are trending now it is best competitors with Sony, Samsung and Philips headphones.

Design and sound quality of Skullcandy headphones:

The Skullcandy headphones are more impressive due their sound effects and their attractive designs. The Skullcandy headphones have tiny sounding cans which enables the player to experiences high brass sound effects even in lower volume. At higher volume you can feel the perfect musical rhythms in distortion free play back with clear audio quality. The Skullcandy headphones are design in such a way that it can support to iOS and android devices. The headphones are embed with new trends of technology which boosts the performances of the headphones.


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Inbuilt drivers in Skullcandy headphones:

There are several inbuilt drivers connect in the device along with internal amplifier which powers all other drivers inside the device. Each specific driver is responsible for each effect like the REX40 driver is responsible for smooth sound effect and rich bass effect. The driver Sensation 55 is responsible for backs up in extreme bass effect which will make you feel the music vibrates in your ear drums with high quality of sound effects.

As an advanced feature the headphones gets extra ohms from a single double amplifier battery place in the one ear cans in case if you wish to experience high bass effect. You can attach additional ear can with high or low bass enhanced with it.

You can feel crystal clear sound effects in the Skullcandy headphones, when it comes to designing the headphones are made with light weighted ear cans to avoid ear pains and further problems. Although the ear cans are small when compare to other brands but it delivers excellent quality. Since these headphones are light weight they can be easily portable while you are in travel.  Most of the headphone cans are made of durable plastics to make comfortable to wear. But in Skullcandy headphones instead of using durable plastics they used resistance plastics with inner cans padding it makes more comfortable and safe for customer to wear over their ear.

Pros of Skullcandy headphones:

  • Since the product is ultra light weight it can be easily portable in travel.
  • The Skullcandy headphone featured to deliver high bass effect which makes your skull bones rattle.
  • The customer can hear crystal clear sound quality with high bass effects even in the lower volume which is not possible in other brands of headphones.
  • Since the over ear cans are made with resistance plastics along with inner padding it helps to avoid heat generation over the ear which in turn helps to avoid ear pains.
  • Most of the people like to have bass effects based on their wish so special design of Skullcandy headphones allows you to attach extra ear cans based on your wish.

Likewise Skullcandy headphones have several benefits which can be obtain in affordable prices. So for people who love to enjoy the high bass music with crystal clear sound effects the Skullcandy headphones is best choice for them.


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