Trade Show Fails – 4 Mistakes Most Stallholders Make At Trade Shows

Trade Show Fails 4 Mistakes Most Stallholders Make At Trade Shows

No matter how prepared you feel in the moment, in the day-to-day of having a stall at a busy trade show you’re bound to face ad-hoc problems. Don’t wait until the show period, here are four of the most common problems stallholders make and how you can avoid them: 

1. Not Paying Attention To The Backdrop 

While you’re busy engaging with interested visitors, giving demonstrations, and inviting people into your stall, let your backdrop do the talking. Showcase your brand by using beautiful, on-brand media walls. Media walls and banners are a great way to grab the attention of as many eyes as possible at an expo, as well as online – and including a QR code can get people straight onto your site before you even speak face-to-face. By ordering a bold, bright, custom banner with your logo or branding printed across it, your brand can appear in many social media photos of the event. It doesn’t only streamline and simplify your set-up process, but as it’s space-efficient, it can deliver your brand’s message while leaving remaining space for your incredible live products. 

2. Not Speaking To Every Stall Visitor

If someone is hanging out by your stall, there is always a reason. First impressions matter, so greet them with respect, and show that although your product is great, you want to help them, and understand their needs. Allow no opportunity to be wasted and take the time to greet everyone who stops by your display. Engaging with every stall visitor increases brand awareness, promotes your chances of a website visit and maybe even a page like or referral. Imagine if, while you’re taking a well deserved five-minute break, your next potential sale is ignored and left with a bitter impression of your stall. Don’t risk it. Make sure you acknowledge and greet every visitor.

3. Ignoring Your Neighboring Stalls

As the saying goes, love thy neighbor, and at trade shows that can land you new leads and business. By working together, you can refer any leads who may be better suited to each others’ stalls, increasing your chances of making sales in the long run. If a customer who may have overlooked your stall is directly referred to you, the likelihood of lead conversion is high. Additionally, if your neighboring stall has any insider info or connections to future events, business leads or trade shows, spending the day together can promote long-term networks.

4. A Lack of Giveaways

Nothing in this world is free, and that includes consumer interest and new leads. If it’s a hot day, and your competitors are giving away free bottles of water, or the stall next to you has fashionable and branded tote bags, no matter how great your product might be, it could get outshined. Having promotional products branded with your company logo is a sure-fire way to get people into your stall and into the sales funnel. Depending on the trade show you’re in, and the location you’re given, sometimes the best give away isn’t visible to the naked eye but is valued by all: free wifi!


A lot of time and energy goes into planning your presence at a trade show. By familiarizing yourself with these common mistakes, you not only save yourself the time of learning through experience but are guaranteed to have a more positive trade show experience!


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