Travel Binz Short & Handy Guide to Maldives Vacations

Travel Binz Short & Handy Guide to Maldives Vacations

Blessed with blissful beaches, crystal clear water brimming with marine life, pleasant climate, flawless skies, super extravagant properties, and a plethora of water sports, Maldives has been drawing attention from around the world. If you are someone who is seeking an island escape to the Maldives. Travel Binz India filtered some of the essential things you should know before you head for a Maldivian getaway:

Scuba Diving

Are you one of those who has a love for the depth of oceans and the many wonders in its abode? If so, Maldives is your ideal location. Home to few of the world’s best diving spots in the world, Maldives holidays are always luxury as well as adventure filled.

Airport In Maldives

Do you know the Maldives have ten airports? Yes, Ten. With four international and six domestic airports, travelling around the Maldives has become very smooth and efficient. You can speak to one of our travel experts for the free quotation of Maldives holidays.


An Island country is sure to serve its travellers with adventure filled watersports. Whether you want to paddle from one atoll to other on a kayak, soar high like a free bird when you Parasail, balance yourself on a Catamaran and drape yourself with the beauty of the islands nearby, ride the waves on a jet ski, or ride Dinghies(boat with a glass bottom) giving you a feeling like you are walking over the ocean.


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Water Villas – The Eye Candy

If you like the Maldives and you don’t like water villas, it highly doubts whether you really want the sunny side of life or not! Sharing the epitome of luxury, Maldives showers it back to its customer with the water villas different resorts have. Whether some come with Maldives family holidays or Maldives honeymoon holidays, it’s worth every penny. Just imagine, you wake up, and you see the blue sky and blue sea greeting you good morning with tropical air blowing around. Moreover, the resort sign an agreement with you before you luxury stay starts as to it there is any loss of properties, the resort chain won’t be responsible. It will be the client’s end to pay for it. From an external point of view, it’s fair enough, right?


No matter where you travel around the globe, each country has its charm in its delicious options. Then, why would the Maldives be an exception? Influenced by nations like Sri Lanka, India, Africa and the Middle East, Maldivian cuisine has a taste of every type in its platter. Being an island country, fish, coconut, and rice are the prime ingredients.

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Well, this was about the Maldives in a short format. If you want to see what it is like to be there then see it through the traveller’s eyes, jump on Travel Binz reviews section and Ben doubly sure with our customers reviews on their trip to the Maldives. So, this is enough to make you skip the hassle of planning your Maldives holidays in a budget.


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