Lucky In Love – 4 Unique Things To Do As A Couple This Valentine’s Day

Unique Things To Do As A Couple This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be stressful. It also doesn’t have to be over-extravagant or expensive. Taking the time to connect with each other will solidify the foundations of your relationship. In fact, sometimes it is the details in life that make it special. Whether you’re planning a surprise date for your beloved or scouring the internet together in search of romantic date ideas, here are four things that will reignite your passion and help you to reconnect with each other:

Have A Photoshoot

Ever revisit those Facebook memories? When you look back at past photos, they tell a story, mapping out your journey as a couple. What future will you be looking back on to remember this time now? Many people avoid photoshoots because they believe they are not photogenic. This might be true, but it is a photographer’s job to get those flattering angles without making you uncomfortable. You can help matters along with a dazzling smile. Need a confidence boost? Visit a  teeth whitening clinic as part of your preparation, or book a treatment at a hair salon. Find a photographer whose style resonates with you and your future self will thank you for having these memories to reflect on.  

Create Your Own Backyard Picnic

It sounds too simple to be breathtaking, doesn’t it? It’s really the perfect night-in-outside Valentine’s Day surprise date. All you need is a beautiful picnic blanket with ample scatter cushions and throws. Add a small side table and light a few candles. Bring out the wine, the finger foods, and a starry heaven. If you have a projector and a blank wall, you could even set up an outdoor movie. No projector? No problem. Just add a laptop that is pre-loaded with great films. Sometimes, a simple smaller screen brings you back to the basics in the most romantic way. 

Try A Couple’s Boardgame

Instead of a board game, try one of the mobile applications you can download. The idea here is to laugh. Laughter is the fastest way into anyone’s heart. There are a wide variety of couple’s games that are perfect for two people at home. Relationship quiz apps often yield hilarious results while it enables both parties to get to know the other person better. If you have ever wanted a third-party tool to help you spend quality time together completely undistracted, this Couple’s Game App comes highly recommended. 


When you are looking for an opportunity to see each other’s best side, schedule in some time volunteering. Serving at a soup kitchen or sorting through donated goods at a shelter might not sound romantic, but this Valentine’s Day date idea works in mysterious ways. It is especially helpful for couples who have recently been through a challenging time. Working together brings you back onto the same team. Volunteering also brings you in touch with what truly matters. Besides, who can resist someone who is helping others? You’ll reconnect and ignite that flame of passion seeing each other in action.  

Valentine’s Day traditionally means men greet women with a bunch of red roses. Instead of over-paying for the socially accepted flowers, find out her favorite flower. Women can take the time to surprise her partner, too. A simple treat, like a tub of ice cream to share, is often the most valuable because it creates memories to look back on. 


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