Foolproof Fun – 6 Things To Do Before Heading Out To A Music Festival

Foolproof Fun - 6 Things To Do Before Heading Out To A Music Festival

Festivals are designed to throw good times your way with as much enthusiasm as a kid eating candy on a trampoline. Go in well-prepared, and you’ll come home with beautiful memories to last a lifetime. But if you’re lazy with your planning, you can end up miserable, muddy, and stranded until it’s time to go home. Keep the following tips in mind if you want to avoid festival nightmares and keep the good times rolling. 

1. Create a Banging But Practical Look

While celebrities and Instagram-models make it look like you need to spend hundreds of dollars on sparkling clothes and flashy makeup, the truth is, you’ll probably end up getting mud all over your outfit and smearing glitter in your eyes if you try to emulate them. 

If you want to stand out, take a trip to a teeth whitening clinic the week before the festival. You can always rely on dental help like teeth whitening in vienna. Pearly white teeth look amazing under blacklights. And instead of forking out for an expensive outfit, consider visiting charity shops to pull together a unique look that you won’t mind trashing.  

2. Get Cash (and figure out where to stash it)

Even if a festival advertises the presence of ATMs, you can guarantee the lines will be shocking and the fees will be even worse. Stock up on cash the day before and ensure you have a safe place to keep it. Hint: stuffing it in your pocket is the best way to end up scrambling around in the mud on the dancefloor trying to find a lost $50. 

3. Pack For Comfort

When you’re feeling fresh as a daisy on a Friday morning, it can be easy to convince yourself you’ll just party through until Monday. Nothing good will come of this mindset. Take some time to fill your car or van with all the things that will make for a comfy campsite

Your basics include an icebox, simple snacks, drinks, sunscreen, insect repellant, a drink bottle, a good quality tent with cozy bedding, a few changes of clothes to cover you for all possible weather conditions, and shoes that can handle mud. Depending on how much space you have, you can add whatever other comforts you desire. 

4. Think about the environment

If you’re a music lover and you want the festival scene to continue thriving, then you need to consider the environment. Bring garbage bags with you and ensure you don’t leave a trace of trash behind. Every photo of a trashed festival site that hits the news strikes another blow to the industry. 

5. Pack Plenty of Wet Wipes

This may sound strange, but wet wipes are like manna from heaven at a festival. You most likely won’t be having showers, but a good going over with a couple of wet wipes can make you feel fresh. They’re also perfect cleaning up your feet so your bedding stays hygienic and comfy. 

6. Check the Weather

Nature is unpredictable, so you should aim to pack for all possibilities, but checking the weather the day before the event is a good way to add precision to your preparations. Dry festivals can get dusty, so you may want to consider a dust mask, or if you have asthma, a spare inhaler. Hot festivals demand extra water and plenty of sun protection.  Wet festivals, on the other hand, are far more comfortable if you have waterproof boots and jackets, extra socks, and an umbrella. Checking the weather will clue you in on what you need to focus on. 

Bring these practical tips together with a positive attitude, and you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life. 


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