Why it is beneficial to use GPU for Monero mining?

Why it is beneficial to use GPU for Monero mining

Though Monero is one of those cryptocurrency that can be easily mined through CPU, but it is always more propitious to use GPU for mining. Although it might be a little bit more expensive than mining through CPUs, but the extent to which it improves the overall hashrate i.e. enables the miners to solve more and more bitcoin at a greater speed makes its’ cost worth it.

Although Monero is a very auspicious cryptocurrency in itself, but the hardware used for mining affects the performance no matter what. The par performance which GPU provides is why it is beneficial to switch to GPU for mining.

Where does GPU wins over CPU?

CPU is the brains of the computer whereas GPU is said to be the soul of the computer. The GPU is an exception in itself with its’ stellar performance and going beyond the basic graphics controller functions and breaking the threshold. It has proved its’ relevance in areas like financial modelling, scientific research etc. But the kind of spike it gives in mining of cryptocurrency is appreciable. The wide range acceptance or dominance of GPU in the mainstream over CPU is all due to its’ computational power and for its’ competency to grow faster

List of some of the best GPUs in the market for Monero mining

Choosing the best of the GPU which meet all the mining needs for you, is where half the job is already done. The quality and efficiency of the GPU decides the fortune of your profit you will be gaining out of mining. As a matter of fact, it will be the make or break situation for any miner. There are plentiful GPUs present in the market. But the main task is choosing that one for yourself out the numerous available options will be like pie in the sky. Here let us come into the picture now to guide you. To make sure that you get the best GPU we have prepared a list for your good mining experience

Sapphire RX 580

If you have a budget constraint, then saving you from the situation of searching needle in the hay stack, just go for Sapphire RX 580. It is implemented with a single card but is enough to provide with 670 H/s. If you are just a beginner and are in your learning phase, then this GPU will be the best option for you as it is cost friendly. Its’ ROI (Return On Investment) is actually the best in the list. It is easily available online sites like Amazon etc. at a price around $220.

Nvidia GTX 1080ti

With hashrate around 1000 H/s, its’ a dynamite in terms of competency. Though it might cost you way more as compared to Sapphire RX 580, around $550. But the performance it caters will resolve all your confusion and will make you buy it.

AMD HD 7990

It is one of the AMD cards performing non- parallel to the others and is most preferred for Monero mining. There are many new AMD cards available in the market, but this one has still maintained its’ reputation and is in fact better than the recent RX series cards. By implementing this GPU, you can get a hashrate of around 1100 H/s. Price vise also it is better than many others competitors.

Sapphire Radeon Pro Duo

If you are no beginner and not mining for any learning but just for clear profit, then Sapphire Radeon Pro Duo is the one for which you are searching for. Using Sapphire Radeon Pro Duo will never make you disappoint with its’ noteworthy hashrate of 1600 H/s and will make your mining more fun than a barrel of oysters. But the price at which it comes will make your wallet go lose. It is available online at a price of around $2728. Yes, I can understand the cost is a little steep but if you want to make most out of your rig then the price would not be a problem.

AMD Vega 56/64

With the highest hashrates in the list are meant for Monero mining. It comes at a price of $800 makes it a little costlier than many other GPUs. But to attain a hashrate of around 1800 H/s one has to pay the price for.

With the above listed one of the best GPUs in the market you can chose which suits your demands of hashrate as well as not going beyond your budget simultaneously. And once you chosen your GPU, you have to decide for the power supply as well. Select the power supply according to the power usage of your GPU.

Coming to the business point of view

Once you have chosen all your GPUs and power supplies and step your foot into the real game of mining, then one is only concerned with the profitability. An XMR (unit for Monero cryptocurrency) mining profitability is a calculator wherein you can calculate your earnings earned out of Monero mining. Its’ working is so uncomplicated, one just need to enter the hashrate of their Monero miner and in return it will calculate the profit earned by you. To get the exact profit, one can also enter the additional details like costs incurred in the electricity used or even the pool fees if any. Power costs is generally for a Kilowatt per hour of electricity in USD.

Some of the most trustworthy XMR profitability calculator are CryptoCompare, WhatToMine, CoinWarz et.

Hope this has answered all your questions regarding GPU requirements and about XMR profitability calculator.


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