How We Can Use WhatsApp on Our Computer?

How We Can Use WhatsApp on Our Computer?

Know here How to Use WhatsApp on Computer?

Whatsapp is the most popular and used mobile app in India, in fact, all over the world, they have massive user bash near about billions of users, and why not they are not using, what’s app have every possible feature and smooth flexible user experience with free of cost message, video call, voice call, emojis, even voice massages can express freely your emotion message virtually so say no to a typical phone call with a lot of phone bill internet is enough for today life.

But the big question is,

Can we use the WhatsApp on pc? Even without touching the smartphone?

The answer is yes, we can use Whatsapp on pc as well and get the advantage of free conversation on the larger screen. This WhatsApp web-based on the web browser and you can use in any browser of your pc. The most useful thing is you don’t need to create a new account of your pc usage the process will be written in below.

How can we use WhatsApp on a computer?

If you want to enjoy your existing WhatsApp account on your big pc screen then follow the steps, that’s how you are successfully using the whats web

  1. Open WhatsApp App on your Smartphone, look into the upper side right corner, there will be a three dots menu, click on that.
  2. Choose the “WhatsApp Web.” option in the menu bar.
  3. After that, you can see the QR scanner window will automatically open to take QR code.
  4. Now you have to open your PC’s browser and go into Whatsapp web .com over there your can the QR code.
  5. Now you have to scan this QR code with your smartphone’s QR scanner.

How to Log Out from WhatsApp Web?

After using the WhatsApp web might some people want to Log Out they might have a problem for that reason read below the process and stay pice from your mind and secure your account as well.

  1. Go to the settings menu/ three dots of WhatsApp Web on your computer
  2. In this menu, you will see the logout option and you have click on that option and you will log out in the same time when you click


  • Your smartphones should have preinstalled WhatsApp app
  • Must have WhatsApp registered account with your phone number
  • Start to end you have to connect to the internet otherwise you cant access WhatsApp on your pc
  • If you use different internet for phone and pc, it’s not mandatory that they should have the same internet.
  • You cant use Whatsapp web in smartphone will not work in phone or tablet even if you use chrome
  • Whatsapp have a list number of unofficial WhatsApp apps, WhatsApp checks on this other wish will block you eventually
  • you can get an updated web version when you have the updated Whatsapp version on your phone.otherwise you can experience the new functions.
  • Its consume your mobile data when you are using WhatsApp on your pc the region is, its a mirroring process when someone sent you a message your phone will get the same.

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