Most Downloaded Android Apps in the Google Play Store

Most Downloaded Android Apps in the Google Play Store

Android apps have made it possible to perform many things on a smartphone. The android technology plays a vital role in making our lives easier. Users can scroll the social media, check and respond to emails, assign tasks to employees, manage files, and transfer funds using android apps on their phone.

Android apps have also made our lives much easier and faster than ever. The tasks that took hours or an entire day can be done within a few minutes using android apps. They are millions of android apps available on the Play store. However, people download only those relevant to their usage. Let us check out the most downloaded android apps on Google play store.


Whats app is a messenger app that people download most from the Google Play store. Owned by Facebook, it is a quick messaging app that most people use around the world. Although there are many alternatives to Whatsapp, it is the most downloaded app for text and video messages.


Facebook is the most popular of all the social media apps that people download from the Google Playstore. There is nothing to surprise to see it on the top of the list of most downloaded apps. The app has more than 10 million one-star ratings, but, still, it is the most used social media app in the world.

In the earlier stages, it was like a photo and video sharing app, but now it is offering endless features like marketplace, pages, groups, and setting up an online shop. Users can create a page of their business and market it to their target audience through free or paid ads.


Instagram is another photo and video sharing app from Facebook that is popular among social media users across the globe. Earlier, it was only a photo and video sharing app, but now it has come up with many new features like IGTV, which allows you to post 10 minute long videos. Also, it has introduced stories where people can share their photos and videos to show their friends what they are doing today.

Facebook Messenger

In addition to Whatsapp, the Facebook messenger is another text messaging app that people download for instant messages. While the app allows sending images and videos, people use it mostly for sending text messages. The benefit of the Facebook messenger is that users don’t need to know the phone number of a person to send a message. Moreover, it allows you to find and connect your Facebook friends and chat with them through text, audio, and video messages.


After Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, Skype is the most popular messaging app that people download from the Google Playstore. While Whatsapp and Facebook messenger is popular for personal messages, Skype is used for work-related messages. Most organizations, especially corporate use Skype for intercommunication through text messages. Bosses, managers, and team leaders communicate with employees through Skype messenger.


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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game that allows you to flee down a railroad as a way to escape from the police and their dog. The game has seen more than a billion downloads on the Google Playstore. Launched in 2012, Subway surfers, is one of the highly popular games and most downloaded by game lovers. Users start the game by tapping their screen, while the character Jake sprays graffiti on a train and gets caught by the inspector and his dog that chases him.

Clean Master

Many people suffer from slowing of their smartphones. Due to more app installs, their phones slow down as these apps occupy space in their internal memory. Clean Master is an app that enables you to clear the RAM of your device and optimize it for running smoothly. It clears the memory from unused apps and makes it usable for running apps. It also transfers the apps from internal to your SD card freeing up the internal memory.


Snapchat is another popular app for messaging that lets you exchange pictures and videos with your friends. The photos and videos you send disappear immediately after the receiver views them. Snapchat is advertised as an innovative camera that enables you to add filters, lenses, and other effects to your photos and videos while taking them.

Candy Crush Saga

Although there are many new games available on the android store, Candy Crush Saga is still a popular game among kids and game lovers. With more than 800 million downloads, the game is still the favorite of many users. The users try to line up various colored candies, and for some people, it is a new hobby. Many new users become addicted to the game quickly and find time to play this game every day despite their busy routine.


There are many apps available on the Playstore that allow you to transfer and share files, but ShareIt is the most popular. Shareit app enables the users to share and transfer images, videos, apps, and other files with high speed. The ease of use and high-speed transfer are the reasons for the high popularity of this app.

Google Translate

Many people in the world don’t know the English language, and they need a translator to understand what they read on the internet. Google translator enables users to translate English into a regional language. It also allows people to translate a text written in any language to their regional language for reading. Google translate is an easy to use app that people can use to translate text from any language to their regional language. However, every regional language may not be available on Google translate.


Spotify is one of the most popular and downloaded music streaming app on the Google Playstore. Users can stream music within seconds and create playlists to listen anytime. It is like a music store online where you can listen to free music anytime without the need to download the same. Users can also save their favorite songs and create playlists to listen to them offline, but these features are available for a paid subscription.

Final Words : These are the most downloaded apps on Google Playstore. These apps have made their lives easier as users can do things much faster on their smartphones. Nothing can beat the ease of using android apps, no matter how fast the technology moves. Android apps will always play a vital role in making things easier and adding value to the lives of users.


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