2022 Vaping Tips: The Best Vape Mods for Your Budget  

2022 Vaping Tips: The Best Vape Mods for Your Budget

Chances are, if you’re a vapor, you’re probably using a vape mod.

The word itself is derived from combining the words vapor and modification – thus, vapor modification.

A vape mod is a high-quality, high-performance e-cigarette that can be customized and modified to enhance performance and/or minimize drawbacks. Vapor mods (sometimes called “APVs”, or Advanced Personal Vaporizers) typically include a high power battery, optional liquid storage tanks and several switchable voltage modes. Some also have a way to adjust the amount of vapor produced by the e-cig for a more customized smoking experience. Typically, the bigger and more powerful the device, the more expensive it is.

Finding the best vape mods online can be overwhelming.

Out of the many products and manufacturers, it’s hard to know how to choose the best vape mod for your budget. Finding the right product can seem even more difficult if you’re looking for a specific feature, like temperature control. With so many vape mods to choose from, it’s tempting to buy the first one you see. However, finding the “right” mod depends on your preferences, budget and experience with vaping.Here are some tips for choosing a new vape mod that will deliver years of satisfaction like the Suorin Vape Mods.

Determine what type of vaporizer mod you are looking for and where you will use it.

One of the first steps towards choosing the right vape mod is defining what you’ll need it for. The best way to do this is to write down a list of characteristics you want your mod to have. Think about how long you’ll want your sessions to last, how much power it will need, and what features will make your experience better. Do you want to use it for aromatherapy? Do you need it for work or for pleasure? Once you have an idea of what you’ll be using your vape mod for, it’s easier to find one that matches your needs. You can also do some research on forums and social media groups where users talk about their vaping experiences. You might find that other people with similar tastes have made good recommendations, which can help you narrow your choices.

Shopping on a Budget

Consider a box mod if you’re a beginner or intermediate vape on a budget. Affordable box mods are easy to use and take care of themselves when replacing coils and juices. They’re also easy to clean so that you won’t constantly be battling stale e-liquid. Many of them feature temperature control: a must if you like your vapor with a bit of flavor — but not too much flavor — so you can enjoy tobacco or dessert flavors while avoiding burnt popcorn or other unpleasant taste sensations that come from vaping at too high a temperature. Here’s one box mod with temperature control we recommend: Dr. Dabber Boost Evo eRig Concentrate Vaporizer Kit. This starter kit is designed to provide an even entry into temperature control vaping. Completely compatible with Sub-Ohm Tanks and RDAs, it features temperature control technology and adjustable wattage to give you full control over your vaping experience.

Bonus Tip: Look at the e-cigs as an investment rather than an expense. By finding a product that will last for years, you can use it for long-term enjoyment that won’t strain your budget or require constant upgrades to keep up with changing trends. Like regular cigarettes, there are even some powerful mods that can be used continuously for over a year before recharging them or replacing batteries. As long as you keep it away from liquids and ensure the batteries are properly charged, it should last for years before needing replacement parts or repair.

Make sure your vape mod has replaceable batteries.

You don’t want to be stuck with a substandard experience due to a dead battery. Most box mods and pen-style vapes allow you to swap out batteries quickly and easily when they run out of juice. Some models even come with attachments that make carrying spares in your pocket easy. That way, there will be no interruptions in your vaping session.

Tank size – If you’re going to be doing a lot of dripping, then it’s not going to be practical to buy an eGo device. It would help if you had a large capacity like most box mods have.

Power – Decide what level of power you need. Most mods have different levels associated with their batteries. The bigger the battery, the higher the voltage, which will make the atomizer produce more vapor and help with its longevity as well.

Temperature settings – This can be accomplished by adjusting the voltage or wattage levels of the device. If this is important, choose a mod with built-in temperature control functionality. This way, you’ll get an even better experience out of your e-liquid flavors.

Coil Resistance – Coil resistance can be defined as how long the coil takes to heat up. The longer the resistance, the more time your atomizer will take to heat up. Lower resistance means that it will heat up quicker.

The coil resistance of a mechanical mod refers to how high or low the number of ohms is printed on the coil. Coil resistance can be changed by moving up or down a wire size. Since the word “ohms” is used, this can confuse some people who think it means resistance to electrical current, but in this case, it refers to the electrical resistance of the coil.

Popular Resistances for Vape Mods

  • Low Resistance (LR) – 0.1 – 1.0 ohm range
  • The wire’s inner diameter is larger to accommodate the thicker wire.
  • Higher power than high resistance coils may burn out quickly if the voltage is set too high.

Wrapping up

Part of choosing the right vape pen, box mod, or other device is knowing what features and settings are important to you. If you are a new vaper, it can help to read up on the reviews and advice of other users to determine which features are the most critical to them. Many people will say that portability and taking the device with them wherever they go is an extremely important factor. Still, others might find that a fixed location is more suitable for their needs. Understanding battery life is also a key factor. If you have a portable vaporizer, you will need a way to recharge it once the battery runs out. Some vaporizer pens come with an AC adapter for this purpose, while others have batteries that last long enough to last for days before recharging. Looking at vaporizer reviews can help you weigh all of your options.


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