5 Types of Women Who Will Waste your Time in Hookup Websites

5 Types of Women Who Will Waste your Time in Hookup Websites

When you’re in online adult hooking up websites, looking for a good match, and thinking about a one-night stand on a Friday night, some people might be having fun and wasting everybody’s time. Not everyone there has the same goal and purpose as you are, and you don’t want to waste the weekend. Many of us have been conned somehow, and I don’t want you to be another prey for that act of vile. You need to be picky and aware. Avoid these five types of women. But before getting into it, check this list if you’re looking for more than just hookup.

Only friends

Nothing is worse than being in the friend zone when you are straightforwardly looking for a one-nighter. Let’s look at it from all angles. Many girls do that out of caution, she doesn’t want to give you all her trust from the first moment, and that’s totally understandable. But some are not even thinking about getting into a casual relationship. They are there only to have fun, be flirted with, and enjoy being the center of interest without any other intention in mind. Get a clear idea if she’s really into it and shares the same interest with you, then you can wait for a little. BUT, if she’s very reluctant and having second thoughts about what she wants all the time, you’re wasting your time, dude! Leave and don’t look back. It’s online hooking up, not online friendship.

Using you as her therapist

Okay, we’re good people, and we’re more than willing to help others, charming girls. You are her man and savior. When she’s sad and upset, you should be there to support her, no doubt. But that is not what you are looking for in adult dating. When things get more intense, and all the chat is about her problems and issues and blah blahblah, then she’s not thinking about you like a casual partner; you’re her free therapist! Maybe she needed someone to cry on his shoulder, and you were there. Think about your mental health too, being exposed to all of this drama will bring you the weekend sadness instead of the happy ending you’ve been waiting for. Don’t feel bad and run away.

Still in love with her ex

Another kind of therapist, but now you’re a relationship consultant, congratulations man. The minute you feel that she’s still into her ex is the minute you know that you’re not welcomed in her bed. Don’t be extra nice and try to make her move on by showing how cool you’re and how unlucky that fellow was to lose such a beautiful soul as hers. You’ll look pathetic, and most likely, she’ll thank you so much for supporting her in her hard times, then she’ll text the ex-back. Don’t go to all that trouble; you’re not a plan b. She’s only allowed to look for a new boyfriend when she’s ready. A lot of single girls out there! Keep looking.

You’re her credit card

Oh God, this type is the worst. In her eyes, you’re the ATM, but she wants some time to make up her mind. She can’t think about the night activities when her stomach is empty. She absolutely needs food, at your expense absolutely. You’re in some mall, and she comes across that experience bag or shoes or whatever, and she turns into a desperate little girl. “I love it, and it’s the bag of my dreams. I wish I had enough money to purchase it. Can you lend me?” After getting a full outfit at your expense and after gaining 10 pounds from dining and having lunch at five stars restaurants, we know this story. It’s only when she’ll understand that “I’m sorry, I think we’re not good to each other”

The slacker

Hooking up doesn’t work that way. There should be an actual date, which should happen as soon as possible. But when you keep nagging and asking her to meet, she’s refusing and inventing all kinds of excuses. Or she cancels the plan at the very last minute. That’s when you should get suspicious. There are a lot of reasons behind this rude act. Maybe she’s not who pretends she’s, and maybe she’s only into texting, perhaps she’s in a relationship, maybe she’s on the other side of the planet. We can never really know. But whatever the reason is, what we both know and what you should be 100% sure of is that she’s a waste of time.


There is never any definitive evidence that the girl you’re texting is real and has the intention to enjoy the casual relationship you want. You can never guarantee this kind of thing. Try to arrange a date as soon as possible. You’ll discover so many things, and you’ll save your precious time from being wasted.


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