Various Types of Antifungal Infections On Skin

Nowadays everyone is so aware and conscious about their body and skin. They also become conscious about how they look or about their appearance. Nowadays, the lifestyle of people is so different from the previous or old persons. They don’t like doing any physical work, exercise, etc. they only focus on where to eat next, obesity is also a common problem faced nowadays. If technology is having so many advantages for us it also has some disadvantages for the body. We have become so much dependent on the technology and that our lifestyle only revolves around mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Skin problems are increasing due to the effect of some harmful waves, no care and due to an ever-changing lifestyle. Fungal infection is a very common infection that we heard from people. Fungal infection not only affects our body or skin but also our lips. Antifungal lip cream can be used to solve the fungal problems on lips.

Fungal infection is a common problem faced by people around us. It is the natural entrance of fungus in the body. You have heard that the fungus is present on water, soil or even in the air. But you are not aware that a fungus is also present in our body. Some of the fungi are good for the working of the body, but some of the fungi are harmful to the body and skin. They may cause many fungal infections on the skin which is irritating for all of us. Some of the common types of fungal infections on the skin are as follows:

  • Athlete’s foot: This is a common fungal problem that affects your foot. This problem is more common in athletes or in sportspeople. They are more prone to this infection. Due to the moist and warmness present in their foot due to long-time wearing of shoes may be the cause. This can occur due to more sweating in the foot.
  • Ringworm: Ringworm is a kind of skin infection that is caused due to the presence of fungus on the skin. it may affect your skin, hairs or nails with its infection. Ringworm can be diagnosed easily by the red circle appearing on the skin. This infection may cause irritation to the person facing this problem. Antifungal creams or lotions can be used to treat ringworm problem.
  • Jock itch: The fungi are more prone to places with moist or more warmness. Jock itch may affect buttocks, inner thighs, etc with its fungal infection. It is a kind of red patch or a rash that may irritate your skin. The affected area may face flaking or peeling of the skin.
  • Dry patches on side of the lip: You may face a kind of ulcers, etc on the side corners of your lips. It may lead to dry, flaking of lips or even redness or burning of lips. Antifungal lip balm must be used to treat this kind of side cracks on the lips. To avoid and treat this infection, ketonic antifungal cream should be used.

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