Video tips to get maximum results for your E-Commerce business

Video tips to get maximum results for your E-Commerce business

What is one of those first things you do when you come across a brand new product in the store? Of course, you cannot stand but touch it, right? You pick up the product in your hand, and you feel it. You even take a closer look at it.

And by any chance, if the product is clothing, you even try it on to feel it. The majority of individuals want this same experience before buying any product, which is why many people do not like shopping online.

But then there’s a good idea that the eCommerce platforms can out to use: videos. You can translate the physical buying experience of the users by creating videos of your product.

So, without further ado, here are some tips on creating eCommerce videos that do not just demonstrate products but also drive in maximum results:

Use Videos for Narrating Your Brand Story

When you have visitors on your eCommerce site for the first time, they are usually looking for hints that make your brand different from the others and all the more special. Here, visuals can play a compelling role.

There is no other form of content that can narrate your brand’s story with the same level of intensity as videos can, no matter how quirky or clever it is. Videos go a long way in facilitating proper storytelling.

Choose the Right Promotional Networks and Make Exclusive Visuals For Each

E-Commerce product videos are not just for the landing pages on sites, but they also need to be shared on the right promotional networks for generating more engagement. So, you must choose social media platforms where you are confident about the presence of your target audience.

As per the latest eCommerce trends, videos work magic on Instagram and Facebook. And the majority of individuals purchase a product after watching its video on these platforms.

Yet another network that can work wonders for eCommerce businesses when it comes to sharing visuals is YouTube. Boasting more than 2 million active users, the channel is just perfect for companies to publish videos like a breeze and reap maximum results.

Pay Attention to Proper Video Editing

E-Commerce businesses that want their products and services to get the correct response should make it a point to edit their video content to look professional. Yes, this is very important considering that people are attracted to feature-rich and informative content that’s perfectly edited.

Proper video editing is essential, considering that different videos work differently on the various promotional networks. Video style, dimensions, and length are a few determining factors showing good quality editing.

The majority of the promotional networks have their video formats requiring different lengths and dimensions. You can make videos by using different effects, filters, and color grading in your video. It will give your video a professional appearance. 

Use Product Videos Specifically for Converting Visitors on Your Site

As an eCommerce business, you will get visitors to your site. And your prime objective here should be guiding them towards making a purchase. Starting from functional and sleek product pages to clever website navigation, the trick here is keeping the consumers focused on what they have come for.

Remember, very few new visitors on your site will actually transform into buyers on their very first visit. Conversion is the process of grabbing the customer’s attention and maintaining their focus on a product. Therefore, you must tune in all the elements towards accomplishing this target.

Here, a good rule of thumb is placing videos right underneath the product images, so they are difficult to miss. Once the visitors on your site press the play button for the video, it can take over the screen and serve as the main point of persuasion, prompting visitors to buy a product. This is one good way of using videos for conversions.

Optimize Videos For Mobile Viewing Experience

Nowadays, there are a large number of people who have got into the habit of watching videos on their mobile phones. And yes, people even shop online on their mobile devices. This is one of the major reasons why eCommerce brands need to ensure that their videos are specifically optimized for mobile users.

There are different ways of optimizing videos for mobile viewing. First of all, you must keep your videos short and simple. That’s because people have very short attention spans, especially when they watch visuals on their mobile phones.

The second effective way of mobile optimizing your video is using subtitles. This is important because when people watch videos on their mobile devices, they watch them on the go. Hence, the videos are generally watched on mute.

Therefore, it is necessary to add subtitles to increase the view completion rate of your visuals. Although it can be complicated to add subtitles to videos, there are several tools available out there for simplifying the procedure.

Make Branding Appear Larger in Your Videos

When creating videos for your eCommerce platform, it is crucial to brand them with slogans, logos, or both. This is one good way of making people recognize your brand. If your business does not have a logo, try creating one and then use it strategically in your video.

Slogans and logos are also among the most effective ways of establishing yourself as the topmost brand when connecting with potential customers.

Highlight the Most Important Areas

Try to draw the viewers’ attention to the most significant parts of your visual content. You can do this easily by using overlay components and various other effective design features.

Highlight the clips that you think will help the most significant parts of your video stand out while optimizing your video for desktop and mobile viewing.

And Action! 

It is easier to work with products with the cast, but it can be tough to make them appear great. Angles and lighting are some of the biggest challenges when recording eCommerce visuals.

Remember, products look their best against a plain or utterly white background and with a brighter backlight. The more professional your videos appear, the more viewers will rely on you as a seller.


The eCommerce business owners are well aware that communicating and highlighting products most effectively can either make or break a sale. Any improvement in the buyer’s journey at almost any stage can significantly influence your business.

Since the consumers prefer learning about products through videos, investing in this trend is a no-brainer for eCommerce businesses.

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