Best Tips On How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Best Tips On How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Know here some tips to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

YouTube is a video portal with over 300 hours of video material; in fact, according to studies, the platform has over 300 billion videos published each week. Here you’ll discover anything from DIY and experimental to music videos.

YouTube is recognizable to almost everyone who uses a computer, smartphone, or any other digital device. It’s a massive collection of videos shared by people from around the world that cover just about any topic. You may locate videos on almost any topic you’re interested in, and you can publish or download a variety of educational and amusing films to watch later.

Problem Begins Here

However, in addition to the large number of videos submitted every day, there is a large amount of video content that can be removed for a variety of reasons. The videos may be deleted by the user, or the content may be removed by YouTube due to a violation of the rules. In either case, the statement ‘We are sorry, this video is no longer available’ will appear.

You don’t need to be concerned about this. Because other users are likely to republish or re-upload a video. As a result, one video may occasionally appear on another channel. However, because YouTube has tough and strict standards, a certain video will be removed entirely. You won’t be able to find it if you type the title or author into the search box. However, if you know how to watch deleted YouTube videos, this will not be the case.

Deleted YouTube Videos?

When you go to a video’s URL, you can see a notification that says “Video deleted.” This depressing statement may deter you, but it’s quite probable that the video is simply hidden rather than “removed.”

In most circumstances, YouTube’s database managers do not remove videos, giving you the opportunity to retrieve and watch them. However, the ways to do this may be unusual.


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Watch deleted YouTube videos via URL 

Since 1996, the Internet Archive (formerly known as the Wayback Machine) has been gathering and classifying web pages. This indicates that the system has successfully preserved the current layout and data of the site. This massive global archive of the Web’s past contains over 100 terabytes of data and around 10 billion web pages.

Many of your favorite websites’ “snapshots” from the past may be found on the website. We need to retrieve and watch deleted YouTube videos in our instance. Therefore all we need is the video’s link, which we can most likely find on The techniques for locating and recovering lost YouTube videos are straightforward.

Steps to Watch deleted YouTube video

Accessing the Wayback Machine is one of the simplest ways to see deleted YouTube videos. It’s a digital archive of the Internet that now has over 500 billion pages and is growing on a daily basis.

Step 1: Find URL link of deleted video

Check for the channel accounts or YouTube video’s URL. You may locate the link in a variety of locations, such as sharing it on social media or looking it up in your browser history.

The URL to the video he removed can be accessed in one of the following places:

  • Your history.
  • Liked videos: All of your liked videos are collected in this section.
  • Any playlist you’ve made or are following.

Step 2: Go to “”

Now the second step is to navigate to If you haven’t already done so, open a new tab and put “” into the address bar. It will take you to the home page if you click “go-to” or hit “enter.” Many icons are there, as well as a search box with a “go” button.

Step 3: Paste the URL

The next step is to enter the URL in the search bar. For this, you have to return to the previous tab. Keep an eye on the YouTube page that we recommended. Copy the URL from the address box, then go to the archive tab and paste it into the search box as soon as you paste the URL, press Enter.

Step 4: Here you go: enjoy the video

You may have to wait a bit, but within a few minutes, will provide you with a video result. It will show you where you may find the deleted video in the past. You’ll be given details about the lost or deleted YouTube video, and you might be able to download it again. You can recover or download it again if you want it back. Then just watch it regularly and have fun!

Note: This strategy works because the Wayback Machine is quite active and scans the web on a regular basis to archive webpages. However, this approach may not always work, necessitating the use of a more complex method to watch deleted YouTube videos.


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What actually happened to Deleted YouTube videos?

To summarize, videos that have been removed may still exist in the database. It’s more about “hiding” the video than it is about deleting it.

The YouTube administrative staff would have to manually pick and delete the video in order to remove it. This does occur once the film has been hidden from public access for a sufficient amount of time.

YouTube wouldn’t like to squander any of its storage capacity. When such a deletion procedure occurs, however, particular videos that have achieved a lot of popularity or videos that have legal difficulties may remain isolated from the storage.

Bottom line on how to watch deleted YouTube videos

It is unsurprising that YouTube has become a part of our everyday life in today’s world. According to surveys shown on magazine hubs, the typical consumer will view around 40 minutes of video on YouTube mobile. The fact that YouTube may be viewed for free is one of the most crucial reasons for its popularity.

Even if you are seeking deleted YouTube videos, you may simply discover how to watch deleted YouTube videos using this approach. This approach has a high success rate, and you’ll be able to easily watch and even download deleted YouTube videos. If you like this post, please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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