Viu – What is it About?

Viu – What is it About?

When we talk about the advantages of the internet, there is the part we cannot overlook, entertainment. The online domain is home to several service providers who ensure we have a steady flow of shows and movies.

 One such provider is Viu. It is a Hong Kong-based streaming media services provider that is growing at a steady rate. Presently it is present in two continents, with plans of expansion to more markets.

 So what is Viu all about, and should you get it? If you have this query, hang on as we take a look at this streaming provider.

How It Works

To use the video streaming services, you have to first sign up on Viu’s website. Signing up is a straightforward affair. You can join using your mail, phone, or Facebook account. Once done with registration, you may log in to the site and enjoy the services of Viu tv.

 While you can view the movies or series on the platform, you may download an app for your device for a better experience. The application can work on either iOS or Android devices. There is also the option of downloading your favorite videos to your device.

What is there for Me on Viu?

A quick perusal on the Viu online site, and you find a vast collection of videos. They are in various groupings depending on your location. Some of them include South Asia, VIU originals, Ghollywood, and Nollywood.

 Pick your preferred selection and see which videos you may want to stream. Optionally, there is a search button if you want a specific video. Genres include romance, drama, and action, with the videos being of decent quality.

Product Availability

As earlier mentioned, Viu’s services are present in two continents, spread over around 16 markets. This is mostly in regions like the Far East, Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa. If you are in these regions, you can get exciting content to watch on your devices.

The Viu Premium Packages

If you want to get the best out of this streaming platform, you should sign up for the premium packages. By signing up for a preferred subscription, you unlock features that make you content with the services.

There are various packages to opt for, including the free one, where you do not pay anything. However, if you want unlimited downloads, access to more videos, and zero ads, you go premium.

There are four plans to go for; one month, three months, six months, and one year. Each one has a specific cost. For the best value, go for the one-year plan. The others are also excellent, especially if it is your first time using the services.

Depending on how you buy into the plans, you may get some promotions. The promotions may come in the form of discounts, saving you some bucks.

Nevertheless, like several streaming services, there are some let-downs. One of them is the unavailability of the product in some regions.

Viu Takeaways

Viu can be a good companion for your video streaming needs. From this piece, we gain a lot of points about its services. For instance, you can stream on your devices. It is possible when you have Viu’s app on your phone or tablet.

Optionally, you can use the web platform. Check out this streaming provider and, if possible, get a premium plan for your entertainment needs.


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