Top 20 Websites to Watch and Download Free Movies Online

Top 20 Websites to Watch and Download Free Movies Online

If you have love for movies you can easily watch it. In the present time, watching movies is not only easy but a fun-filled one. All this is only possible with the advent of modern and advanced technology. The present day websites are a great place to watch movies. It is a great platform through which you can also download movies. This will help you with the option to observe it afterwards. With the advent of websites people do not prefer to move to the cinema halls. Rather they think it is better to watch movies in these types of sites. You will get ample Bollywood movies download sites.

If you look back you will see that even during few days earlier the scope to watch movies was much limited. People had to rush to cinema halls to catch the newly launched movies. But with the invention of the online movies sites people has received ample scopes. They can now comfortably sit in their home and watch movies in their convenient time.

Best 20 websites to watch and download free movies online:

Now we will mainly discuss about the top 20 sites that are eligible and best for watching movies. Through this discussion you can choose the best sites for watching movies.


It is always placed on the top list of this section. It offers with more than 100 complete feature-length films. It is also put on the list of websites where you can watch movies. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in watching movies, then YouTube can be the best option. It is a site that allows people to watch shows or free movie downloads no registration. You can catch all the latest movies along with their trailers. This facility may not be available in any other sites. For the last few years, the demand of YouTube is gradually increasing and people rely upon this site. They have gained good fame and reputation at the same time.

The Internet Achieve

It is another free movie downloading website that is loved by a lot of people. You can download a lot of movies from this site.  With the help of the torrent links you can download several movies and films without spending a single penny. This site also allows creating a virtual and free library card that grants the permission to access the forums.  Although the name of this site is rarely heard, it has gained good popularity among the masses. This has provided good services to the customers and they are highly pleased with it. The internet archive is the best one in the present day. You should try it.


Another one in the list is the TCM. If you have an active cable subscription you can access a lot of movies and films. It is through the watch TCM you can observe unlimited number of free movies with cable or satellite package. Most of the popular films can be watched on TCM. It provides free hd movies direct download. It will be a great time to watch the HD films in this site. The picture clarity is very nice and clear.


It is a great site that contains a good collection of movies and films. It always remains a good source for watching movies and films. However, you have to opt for the paid version which is much better and advanced in many ways. You will like to observe it. The site is also available in the form of well-designed app. It is such a site that is loved and preferred by the young generation people. Hot Star has a great list of newly launched movies. It will be a wonderful feeling to watch all such movies in this platform. The rate of subscription is very nominal and it can be availed by anyone.

The Korean Film Archive

It is a hidden gem that will help you to watch hundreds of Korean films. As the demand of Korean films is gradually increasing this can be a great platform to watch such movies. You will get to see all the recent movies. However, all the movies will come with English subtitles.


It is such a site that comes with a wide variety of cinemas, shows and films. It will be a great experience to watch movies in this site. You can also sign up for the newsletter through which you can keep yourself updated about the latest films or shows. The navigation process is simple. It is another site that allows free movies download websites without registration. Most people have the passion of observing new and old movies. This is only site that provides you with a list of old movies. You can select and choose the best one from the list. New movies are always available in various sites but it is tough to get the old ones.


Well another one in the list is this site. It is one of the awesome sites to download movies and films. The movies that are available on this site is HD. You can easily navigate the site. The ad content in this site is minimum and you can enjoy the full show.

02TV series

It is a very simple site where the movies are available in alphabetical order and form. The ads may disappoint you but you will have numerous choices to download the movies. The process of downloading is simple and easy. You can also view the WWE shows that are found on this site.


It is a torrent site. It is the home of thousands of movies ranging from various genres. The movies are mainly available in the alphabetical form or in those orders that are popular. The ads may sometimes spoil your time but it is for short span of time.


It is counted among the comfortable sites that will provide you with lots of Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistani films. The mode of searching for movies is very simple and easy. The size of the movies is small.


It is basically an entertainment website. You can be sure about finding any type of movies as the name is AZM. You can easily search for the best type of movies and the process is simple and easier at the same time. You can also navigate through the menu to get the movie. It has great interface and this allows a lot of people to try the site.  You will enjoy the movies that are available on this site.

133 7X Movies

This site is always famous for downloading movies mainly for the mobile and PC. The site is famous for watching all the latest and new movies. You can easily deal and access the site. This is the best thing about this site. You should try it. You can try it for free movie download sites for mobile.

Movie Flixter

It is a free movie downloading website that allows the user to download movies for both mobile and PC. It comes with all types of high definition movies and that too for free. The best-rated films are available on this site. This is the best thing about the site that should be mentioned here. It has also a lot of viewers.

Fou Movies

It is such a site that provides free movies and TV series or shows. However, it also contains a list of old movies and shows. The site is famous for having all types of recent movies. You can easily check the movies and choose the one that is suitable for you. This site also has a good number of viewers. The process of handling the site is simple and easier at the same time.

F movies

It is a great site that helps the user to download movies freely. All the movies are arranged in a perfect order. It is through this site that one can not only download the recent ones but they can also download the older ones. This will allow the users to view the movies according to their time.


Crackle is a site that is owned by Sony. It is a great site that allows the user to view all types of movies and TV shows. This is very true that you can view a lot of movies and films. Once you sign up and create a watchlist, you will be able to watch all the movies of your choice. It offers with lot of movies and TV shows. You can also access this site simply by using VPN and proxy service. It is another one that provides with the option of free movies download websites.  The demand of this site is gradually increasing in the present time. Once you start watching movies in this site it will become like a habit. You will not like to watch movies in any other site.

Pluto TV

It provides with a wonderful service. It allows the user not only to observe or watch movies but they can also observe various types of TV shows. There are about 75+ channels and you have the liberty to choose and watch the one you like. The TV also offers its official application for all the popular platforms. It will be a great time and moment to watch movies and series on this platform. You should try it for a better experience.

Open Culture

It offers with high-quality videos from all across the world. It is available for free. It was founded in the year 2006. The movies section of this site contains a great collection. You will be delighted to try them. It also contains a vast collection of Oscar winning films. This is a great thing. If you are long waiting to see something special and different , this is the high time to see it.  You can also observe a lot of Charlie Chaplin films. It is a wonderful way to watch movies and shows.

Pop Corn Flix

It is another amazing site where you can observe a lot of movies after downloading the same. This streaming site is owned by Screen Media Ventures. It offers ample public domain movies and original contents. It comes with multiple categories and you are free to choose the one that is preferred by you. You will also get to see ample movies from comedy and horror part. This is a great time to watch movies. It also contains a catalog of National Geographic series. This can be a great thing for the kids who love to watch it.

Hulu TV

Hulu also comes with a good option of downloading and watching movies. It is available for free. You can watch about 100 movies for free in this site. If you get bored in watching movies you can try some TV episodes that are also available in this site. Hulu is also available in the form of app. As it is unavailable in some countries so to operate it you may require VPN or proxy. Hulu has also gained good popularity among the people and the viewers. They are highly satisfied with the service of Hulu.

You may get various sites that will not provide with the sub titles. In such a situation you have to select and make a list of sites that displays movies along with English subtitles. Through this you can easily understand movies in other languages. However, ample such sites provide subtitles while showing the movies. The best way to download the sites is to click on the link. Once the link is clicked you will be able to download the site.  With the advent of these types of sites the craze or passion to go to the halls and multiplexes has reduced to a great extent. People mostly prefer to watch movies in best sites.


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