What is cobit good for?

What is cobit good for?

Technology has been ever-evolving, regardless of the industry that everyone deals with. In the realm of IT, it is, even more, a frequent force. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you are up-to-date and aware of changes in the management of shifts on platforms, software, and framework.

High volumes of data are generated by big data, cloud computing, mobility, and social media. These data may lead companies to compete, but they also pose many challenges for businesses and data governance and management issues. 

What is COBIT?

COBIT is defined as Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies. It is a framework that helps businesses that seek to establish, implement, monitor, and improve information and IT governance.

Other frameworks, such as ITIL and DevOps, each offer their unique benefits. COBIT provides a far higher advantage in using clients who also use other frameworks like ITIL. In addition, COBIT allows companies to use a mix of best practices, processes, and technologies that meet their needs. It makes this a unique framework and combines some of the current corporate governance principles. As a result, COBIT has become generally recognized and widely accepted for its ability to improve the confidence of information systems and boost value.

COBIT certification could be precious to companies to allow them to achieve their strategic objectives by using IT efficiently and innovatively. Created by ISACA, experts developed COBIT to meet both business managers’ and IT professionals’ requirements. It integrates corporate governance and management methodologies to provide concepts, practices, modeling, and analytical tools to enhance its IT systems’ value and confidence consistently.

The success part of COBIT is because it has always been modified to meet the evolving needs of IT governance. As a result, it helps companies balance resources, optimize risks, and achieve benefits.

Let’s know the principles of COBIT and how to get a COBIT certification?

Core principles of COBIT

The five principles involved in the latest version of COBIT are:

  1. Responsive to crucial stakeholders’ requirements. 
  2. Comprehensive and end-to-end coverage of the whole business.
  3. Integrate several frameworks in a cohesive context.
  4. Pave the way for a complete corporate management approach. 
  5. Separate management from governance.

How do COBIT certifications help?

The best tool in your arsenal is certification. Unfortunately, certifications differ throughout the sector. It is why it is recommended to focus on one of the most advantageous certifications: COBIT Certification.

The COBIT certification program greatly benefits IT professionals such as auditors, IT managers, quality professionals, developers, process professionals, and managers in all corporate IT service-providing firms or departments.

It is crucial to understand that the two distinctive parts of IT are governance and management. It forms the backbone of virtually every successful organization, and COBIT 2019 has been specially designed to optimize it.

A range of firms can also use COBIT because of its specific factors. Irrespective of industry, size, location, or anything else, a corporation can benefit from IT optimization worldwide.

Let’s know how COBIT creates value exactly?

  • IT alignment – COBIT is intended to guarantee that IT is aligned with business objectives. Because this is not an easy procedure, COBIT helps companies incorporate IT objectives into significant business objectives. COBIT practitioners must ensure that IT investment supports business objectives by developing controls and tools that IT management can easily use. They also allow companies to address the gaps in IT applications to achieve business objectives. The current COBIT training is intended to provide professionals with the skills to achieve corporate performance objectives by maximizing the value of information systems.
  • Enhanced compliance – Modern IT needs to remain connected with data and corporate law, including GDPR. COBIT sees these regulations as essential details that you must always consider in framework upgrades to ensure they are addressed at all IT levels. With the success of COBIT 5, clients have a strong trust in compliance and risk management in COBIT 2019.
  • Optimization – COBIT 2019 is developed to enhance IT administration daily. It helps practitioners to identify needs while offering them the essential tools and best practices to improve as needed. Practitioners, therefore, benefit from more targeted, efficient, and economical IT operations and clearly define roles and responsibilities across teams and divisions.
  • Trust – The COBIT framework helps practitioners gain trust from clients, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. The confidence and potential of COBIT 2019 can, of course, also strengthen the positioning of a company in the market.
  • Future testing – COBIT 2019 is state-of-the-art, offers insights into the latest IT tools and best practices. It helps in preparing practitioners for future developments, thanks to its focus on framework reassessments and its open-source model. Once COBIT 2019 is incorporated, it is considerably easier for enterprises to evolve when they are needed.

How to earn a COBIT certification?

For practitioners, COBIT offers the right skills to start a career. COBIT certification offers extensive knowledge from the core COBIT foundation level to the highly requested group of experts. In addition, the COBIT Foundation training provides beginners with insights into the context and components of COBIT.

As valuable as COBIT is, studying it and implementing it in the right way is still vital. Unfortunately, many inappropriate and uncertified materials are available online. Although it is low cost, students typically do not adequately study for formal COBIT examinations or apply the framework in real-life circumstances.

COBIT experts can follow either of the two paths: an assessor or the implementer. The assessor way will enable you to review the organization’s processes to see what can be optimized. The implementing route will provide you with the skills required to use COBIT in a company’s IT systems to address any unique problems.


Technology is fundamental to any business’s operations. COBIT helps companies to improve the delivery of IT services while at the same time aligning IT with business demands under existing laws, policies, and regulations.

According to the COBIT path chosen, certification is evidence that the client, the recruiter, and the industry player commit to the profession and can handle critical roles such as assessing the IT company’s present performance and applying COBIT principles and tools to its operations.


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