6 Point A/B Testing Checklist You Must use to Optimize Social Campaigns

AB Testing Checklist You Must use to Optimize Social Campaigns

Have you heard of A/B testing? If not, you are already missing out on a lot. If you wish to make the best out of your future social media campaigns, A/B Testing should always be on your checklist.

Here’s what A/B testing looks like.

As the name suggests, A/B testing involves you running a test between two options, A and B, to analyze which can generate better results. These two options are two possible alternatives for your future social media campaigns. You see, no matter how much market research you do, it is impossible to predict a social media campaign’s success.

Marketing, advertising, promoting, all three are quite dynamic places, each involving a lot of uncertainty. A/B Testing is an effort to reduce the same. Running two possible CTAs or any other variable that you wish to test, both at the same time gives you an idea about which one will help you resonate better, maximize results, and be successful. Long story short, it will tell you what is compelling people to take your desired action.

Here is a checklist you need to have for A/B Testing?

Identifying what you want to test?

First thing will be to figure out what it is that you want to test. There are so many things that can generate viable results with A/B testing, including Calls to Action, Headlines, Thumbnails, Hashtags, Ads, photos, videos, and more.

Considering all the Variables

Once you have identified your subject, it’s time to consider the variables. This involves the duration of the day, that is, exploring different times of posting to identify the best time; Location, as some locations generate better results than others; Length of the post, what range works best in your industry, and likewise.

Further, the variables can also depend on your goals and the object you are testing. But remember, there is always a sweet spot that generates more leads than others.

What are the results you are seeking?

A/B Testing definitely means that you want to know which one is better, A, or B, but you need more clarity with your ultimate goals.

Why are you performing this research? Do you want to target more audiences and generate more leads, or is it just because you want to trigger more engagement to your social media? The answer to your “why” matters for your strategy.

Design result-driven strategies

If you are conducting the A/B test to know which Call to Action, or Ad campaign is better than the other, you need to have a strategy that tests both of them together, that is simultaneously, because you do not want time gaps which may again leave you torn between two different kinds of results at two different measures.

On the other hand, if it is the duration of the day that you are wondering about, you probably will have to run the same campaign multiple times during the day. Further, you must also ponder upon the method through which you want to carry out the A/B testing – one of the easiest yet successful ways to do it is by using screenshots archive. A strategy for your A/B Test is as important as a strategy for your business.

Do you have all the necessary software and tech onboard?

Till now, you might have thought that for A/B Tests, you don’t need anything additional than what you already got, but that’s not true. A/B tests use different software, but again, what matters is why you are conducting the test.

If you are comparing two different messages on social media, you wouldn’t need extraordinary software except for a few basic tools, but if you want to compare the landing page for different versions of your website, you certainly need to invest in new tech that can help you do it. Consider AI-Powered software or an agency specialized in performing those tests.

Analyze the results

After conducting the A/B test and knowing which drives better results, A or B, it is important to analyze whether the A/B test was successful or not.

Here is the question to ask: Will the revenue that you are expecting to generate after the test will be greater than the expenses you incurred during the test?

Did you know that as per a survey A/B Testing Software market is estimated to generate more than $1.08 billion by 2025? It is 2021 already, and it is high time you take A/B Testing seriously! 


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