What Things Should I Know About Swimming Caps?

One of the most disregarded swimming gears is the swimming cap. Some may think that they don’t like how they look when swimming caps are at the peak of their body, or may feel uncomfortable wearing it while they enjoy swimming.
However, little did you know, that swimming caps or swim hats play a significant role in your chosen field in sports. If your curiosity is eating you, then why not continue reading and know the things that you might want to know?


First, let’s start by answering your question regarding what swimming cap is. A swimming cap is a tightly fitted attire that may or may not be required to be used by recreational and competitive swimmers. It is a swimming equipment that may be worn with swimwear, nose clips, earplugs, and swimming goggles.


Swimming caps can vary according to its quality and materials used to make it. Below is the list of the types of swimming caps.

SILICONE CAPS – this type of swimming cap is the most commonly used specifically by professional swimmers and those who have longhair. It helps in protecting your hair from being pulled when removed. It is the most durable that makes it last the longest.

LATEX CAPS – compared to silicone type of swimming cap, latex is quite thinner and less durable. If you are a careless swimmer, then latex cap is not the best-suited type of a cap for you. However, latex cap is lighter and more breathable that makes it suitable for warm climates where overheating may cause you irritation or discomfort on the water.

SPANDEX CAPS –spandex or lycra swimming cap is best for recreational swimmers seeking comfort. It is made of synthetic fibre and allows water to pass through which can be considered as its downside. However, it’s better than swimming with no cap at all. When taken care of properly, spandex cap is durable and may last longer.

RUBBER CAPS – if you are into swimming in a cold water, then rubber cap may be the most ideal for you. The rubber cap is quite thicker than latex, yet not as supple. Like latex cap, it is way cheaper and lighter.

NEOPRENE CAPS – neoprene cap is made of same materials with a wetsuit. It is best-suited for open-water swimmers. You can see triathletes and endurance swimmers using neoprene caps to keep their head as warm as they could.


The swimming cap is not created without a purpose. This might be a simple swimming equipment but like the others, it benefits the users too. Here are some of them:

  • Keeps your hair away from your face. It’s a perfect for girls who have long hair. Swimming with untied or unkept hair may cause distraction or discomfort.
  • If you are conscious of how your hair looks, then include swimming cap in your backpack when you go out to swim. It protects your hair from getting soaked from the harmful chemicals of the pool water such as chlorine that may cause bleaching to your hair.
  • When you take wearing swimming cap as a habit, it would be easier for you to put on and take off your goggles without having “ouch!” feeling when your hair is being pulled by accidentally by the goggles.
  • If you want to reduce drag on the water whenever you go swimming, then you must rely on to wearing a swimming cap. Proper swimming attire contributes to limit your drag.
  • Protects your head from being soaked by the water. Though a little amount of water is possible to pass through.


Swimming caps can be used and worn by everyone who loves swimming – whether you are a recreational or a professional swimmer. It caters to no age, gender, or level of ability to swim. As long as you love this sport, feel free to wear them during your water workout.


If you decided to purchase your own swimming cap, you are free to use it whether on a resort’s pool, private pool, or open water bodies. You only have to choose the best type of swimming cap depending on the climate, water temperature, your skin condition, and your hair length. And of course, choose what you think is best for you.

These are only some of the introductions for familiarizing you on swimming caps. You can start swimming like a pro by buying your own. Have a happy swimming!


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